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Attending Convergence and Multimedia Training

I have spent the last three days in a Convergence and Multimedia for Educators boot camp training with some of my colleagues. Needless to say  I have learned some new things, still learning some new things, and even learned new things about programs I thought I knew. Below are two projects I worked on during the three day boot camp.

The first is a video I worked on with a group of colleagues. Frankly, I am happy that one of my group members teaches Multimedia because me and Adobe Premier were not the best of friends. Check out our package below. It’s not grand, but for the short editing time frame, it is what it is. [Note: I refuse to publish the version I edited.]

The second project is a slideshow. The pictures and audio were available for us, but we had to decide the order, movements, etc. to tell the story. I think I will be introducing this program  in one or more of my classes this fall. We shall see.

I need a LOT more training.



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