Topic of the Week 4 (Sp’13)

Picture courtesy of Microsoft Images

Picture courtesy of Microsoft Images

Discuss three (or more) things you have done to secure a job in public relations and three (or more) things you must do.


Provide an argument as to why it is/or is not beneficial for a non-public relations major to complete an introductory level public relations course.


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  1. Our speaker today made me think about actually becoming an event planner. I have already done things that involve event planning and PR like helping to plan state and regional conferences for my fraternity, I helped plan a gala, and I am constantly working with a team to get these projects done so we can move on to the next project.

  2. Lewis

    Three things to secure a job in PR.
    1) Have a solid internship experience
    2) Stay current on industry trends (Read!)
    3) Write & show examples of (published) pieces