Are you the next “Public Relations Student of the Year?”

Picture courtesy of Microsoft ImagesHopefully you have seen the awards flier and heard the announcements. If not, consider this your personal invitation to submit your application and portfolio for one (or more) of the Advisory Board Student of the Year Awards. Each spring, members of the Public Relations Advisory Board judge submissions from public relations students who apply for “Public Relations Student of the Year” in one of the following categories: Public Relations Writing, Public Relations Design, Public Relations Planning, Public Relations Research, and Public Relations Student of the Year.

Let me reiterate, award winners are selected by non-faculty members of our Public Relations Advisory Board. These advisory board members are friends and alumni of the Department of Communication Arts at Georgia Southern University. Members currently work in various capacities within the public relations industry.

Below is a description of each award category. See the announcement for additional information. If you have not yet applied the deadline is this Friday, March 15 at 5 p.m. Do not forget to include your application with your submission. Drop-off submissions in the main office. Winners will be announced at the annual departmental banquet.

Award Categories

Public Relations Writing: Submit 3-5 short samples. Samples may include, but are not limited to, news, features, brochure copy, newsletter articles, communication plans, and web-based writings. Preference will be given to published works and successfully implemented communication plans.

Public Relations Design: Submit 3-5 samples. Samples may include, but are not limited to, newsletters, brochures, posters, advertisements, web pages, and PSA design elements. Preference will be given to original designs.

Public Relations Planning: Submit program overview and corresponding materials. Provide documentation of your contribution to this program. Indicate if the plan was completed by a group or individual. Describe each component of the plan and each team member’s contribution to the plan.

Public Relations Research: Submit 1-3 research papers and /or projects. Projects may entail academic investigations or applied projects that contribute to our understanding of public relations and communications. Co-authored work will be accepted based on applicant or applicants’ contributions to the project. Preference will be given to original research papers or projects.

Public Relations Student of the Year: Submit resume and mini-portfolio. The mini-portfolio should exhibit success in the following areas: (a) leadership and extra-curricular, (b) professional development, (c) academic works, and (d) academic or professional presentations. Finalist will be asked to complete an interview with advisory board members. At which time finalist should bring their comprehensive portfolio.



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17 responses to “Are you the next “Public Relations Student of the Year?”

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  2. This is really cool that the Public Relations offer these certificates. I did not know that there were opportunities like this offered until a girl in our class mentioned it when we had a guess speaker. I have been meaning to ask about them. It is nice that I was just looking through your blog posts and this one answered that question I had.

  3. Lindsay McCarty

    One of my best friends was awarded the Public Relations Student of the year and it inspired me to try to do the same. I have been working on my portfolio and skills to apply for the award. I think it is great that Georgia Southern does this award because it looks great on resumes and makes the students work to achieve the award. I graduate next spring and I’m going to work hard to become a Public Relations student of the year.

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  5. Ashley Nixon

    I love that I found out about this before I leave Georgia Southern. I feel this is a great opportunity for Public Relations students to be recognized for all the hard work they do throughout the year. It’s also nice to go to the awards ceremony and see people you might not know for the communication arts department and meet them.

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  7. I think it is such a good idea that Georgia Southern University took the time to cater to its’ students needs and award students for meeting or even exceeding requirements that have been set aside for any course, activity, or organization. This is a great opportunity that the university is providing to students. These types of awards are hardly recognized but I am sure that they would look very impressive on a resume.

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  9. There are so many opportunities in the Public Relations major here at Georgia Southern to get your foot in the door with experience and hands on learning! I was not as involved as I should have been this past year. But next year starts a clean slate and new opportunities!
    Chelsea Smith

  10. I am definitely, unfortunately, am not the PR student of the year. With this only being my second semester as a PR major I was still getting the feel for everything and trying to find my niche. It is nice to know what I would have to do in the future to receive this honor. Now, that I am more comfortable with PR as a whole and I feel as if I am able to grasp what it is and what I want to do with my degree it is a real possibility that I will strive for this in the upcoming school year!

  11. williambeeks

    How sweet it is to be recognized for your achievements. Sometimes it may seem as though all of your hard work and diligence goes completely and utterly unnoticed but this is not always the case. I appreciate that the department took the time and resources to put together something like this to honor those unsung heroes and give those who aren’t being honored an incentive to step their game up.

  12. nadinebenjamin

    These are the type of awards that go unrecognized because students do not take advantage of it. I have never actually heard of this. However, now that I know I will be sure to keep this in mind for next year as my portfolio begins to build.

    These awards are great for the resume, and show commitment and dedication.

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  14. Kristen Pappaterra

    I love all of the opportunities that are offered in the Public Relations. It is good to know that there are so many different departments that you can work with, and if you are not happy with what you are currently working on, there is always another aspect in the PR department that you could switch to concentrating on. The one thing that I love about this major is how broad it is, and how there is an angle anyone would be happy with taking in this career.

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  16. This is so great that Georgia Southern offers an opportunity of this stature. Offering an achievment in so many levels of public relations, like design, writing, and research is a good way to get students motivated. I am just beginning my public relations career at GSU, but I hope that I have enough experience in the near future to complete atleast one of these applications. For the writing portion, does feature stories and event articles that have been published in a newspaper count as public relations?

  17. If I had a portfolio worthy of this award, I would definitely apply this year. Because I am only in my Introductory courses, I have a very small and unimpressive portfolio, but I do hope to apply for this award in upcoming years. It would be a great achievement!