5 Take-aways from the PR Internship Meeting

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Each semester the internship coordinator holds a mandatory internship meeting for those seeking to intern for college credit. During this meeting questions are answered, additional information regarding internships are addressed, attendance is taken, and the internship website is reviewed. So, in case you missed the internship meeting, here are a few takeaways.

1. Review the internship website.

There is a lot of information available on the website that will answer several of your questions regarding the internship program at Georgia Southern. Do not let the text scare you.

2. Know the deadlines.

Internship application deadlines do not change. Deadlines are based on when you wish to intern. The most current deadlines are posted here on the website. Again, deadlines do not change, so view the website.

3. Complete the internship application in its entirety.

Although the application is a one-page document, several students either do not complete portions of the application or overlook the “attach resume” in large bold print. Although this application is processed in-house it is still necessary to complete it in order for the internship coordinator to move forward in determining IF you can intern for academic credit, and to ensure you get placed into the course to receive academic credit.

4. If you do not know, ask.

Despite the information on the internship website there are times when the rumor mill will run wild. Although your friends may have the best intentions they are not always correct. If you are unsure or someone told you something about the internship process that sounds odd, ask. Seek clarification from the internship coordinator, a public relations faculty member, or check out our website.

5. Securing an internship takes time.

There is no need to fret if its January, your seeking an internship for May, and no one is returning your email or phone call. In-house application deadlines were devised around the time frame that most businesses begin inquiring and/or hiring for the summer. They are not arbitrary, so its okay. If you are seeking an internship during a specific semester the internship coordinator will continue to work with you until you obtain an internship.

Of course many more things were touched on in the meeting and can be summed up by reviewing the website and the FAQ sheet. If you have not attended a meeting make sure you talk with the internship coordinator before the application deadline!



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30 responses to “5 Take-aways from the PR Internship Meeting

  1. Lindsay McCarty

    These tips are very helpful. This blog post answered many questions I had about internships because I was stressing out about it. I’m so glad that you provided them because now I understand the whole process of getting an internship. I think we should also learn more about in our P.R. classes.

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  3. I look forward to my internship and securing a spot. I want to learn all that i can from my professors and to take what I have learned into the workforce. I sometimes listen to some students, but also talk to my professors more. I know that no professor will steer me wrong. I know that we as students communicate with each other about professors , and sometimes somethings can be exaggerated bout that professor. I think you should just converse with that professor and have your own point of view them.

    Qwuaticia Smith

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  6. These tips are very helpful I had no idea that you could receive college credit for internships.

    -DeKindra Grier

  7. Thank you for posting this blog! I plan on interning next summer and as of right now, I do not know where to start. Reviewing the website is a great idea because it really allows you to learn about the company and get a feel for which company you like the best. I helped my friend, who is graduating next week, review websites for when she was applying for jobs a few months ago. We were really able to see the differences in the companies and some of the companies she originally thought she liked the best, did not impress her in the end.

    -Juliana Sweek

  8. From all of this I focused in on “If you don’t know, ask”. I have been bad about this in the past. I just try to figure out on my own what I don’t know. Recently, I have become a lot better about it. I have caused problems for myself in the past because I haven’t asked. Now, if I don’t know something I will make someone explain it to me 5 times, 5 different ways until I fully understand what I need to know to complete whatever task has been assigned to me. People feel like this makes them look dumb, but in the end when you have the final product and you have completed it well and everyone is happy with it makes all those questions wroth it.

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  10. This most was definitely needed. I haven’t exactly started looking for an internship yet but having this list will help me in finding one. It is something I will be working on soon and I was a little skeptical about really finding one because I know it takes time to secure one. Having these steps will hopefully make it a smoother process. Thanks for the post.

    -Adrienne Glover

  11. I have not started my internship yet, but these are great tips! I appreciate you taking the time to share these with us. Anything we can benefit from to help us grow as students and professionals is always appreciated. I look forward to using not only the skills I have obtained through this class, but also using these tips!


    Kaitlyn Brantley

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  13. I appreciate you displaying this information for those who are clueless about the internship process. I definitely feel with following these steps I will be able to secure an internship in the near future.
    Thank You!

  14. Christian Johnson:

    I appreciate you supplying this information for those of us who are interested in doing an internship. As someone who has done an internship in the past, I know first-hand that getting everything to come together can be extremely difficult and tedious. In the future, I will most certainly utilize the steps that you have outlined above in order to make the process a much smoother one.

    Thanks again!

  15. Thank you for supplying this information about internships. I feel like a lot of times students refer to other students, rather than professionals, about the proper way to go about acquiring internships. Although I am not a PR major, these tips were definitely helpful across the board. I am disappointed that because I am not a PR major I will not able to get a PR internship through GSU. Despite this, I will apply these tips into my individual search for internships. Also thank you for pointing out how important it is to pay attention to details. There are times when many of us may be rushing and miss vital information. I believe that all these tips will keep us on our toes when completing this process.

    -Shauntel Hall

  16. Much like someone else before me said, as a PR minor I was disappointed that I could not apply for a PR internship but I find the tips very helpful either way. I have learned recently just how important internships are when it comes to securing a job and out of all the professors I have had at GSU, you seem to be the most helpful and knowledgable about the process. I am going to continue to look for internships as I finish college even if I cannot secure one through the university itself and I will be sure to keep these tips in mind.

    – P. Callanan

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  18. I have been really looking into where I want to pursue an internship next summer! I know this is kind of out of reach, but my dream internship would be at Bolthouse in Los Angeles, California. They are one of the biggest event planning/nightlife organizations in the US, and are growing a lot! I really want to be an event planner and try out the fast lifestyle of Los Angeles! I have already contacted them and they told me to send in a resume, but I don’t know if it will happen. I can only hope for the best! These are really great tips that you have given us, and if the internship at Bolthouse does not work, I will be applying to one of GA Southerns interships!

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  20. Theory of a Deadpan

    As I have three semesters left in college, I have been considering completing an internship. As a PR minor, I initially wanted to complete a PR internship. Unfortunately I checked the website you listed and found that only PR majors can complete PR internships. I am glad to have seen these tips though, I think they will be really helpful when I find an internship I can complete for credit in my degree program.

    • Theory of a Deadpan

      As I have three semesters left in college, I have been considering completing an internship. As a PR minor, I initially wanted to complete a PR internship. Unfortunately I checked the website you listed and found that only PR majors can complete PR internships. I am glad to have seen these tips though, I think they will be really helpful when I find an internship I can complete for credit in my degree program.

  21. Krystal McMath

    I am starting an internship with Career services for the summer and I am super excited. These are great tips not only for securing an internship but with keeping one and utilizing one as well. I am kind of nervous about starting because I do not know what to expect or the types of tasks I will be taking on but I am hoping to learn a lot and I will be using these tips to succeed in my internship!

  22. These are really great tips! I tried to utilize these for my internship for the Human Rights Campaign in DC. Sadly i missed the deadline :(. I will reapply for the internship next summer. From this experience i learned that “when one door closes, another one opens”. I got a position at a clinic in Statesboro instead for the summer. Missing the deadline really made an impact on me that will make me remember applying for the internship next time.

  23. Thank you for making these tips available to us. I will plan on turning in an application soon for a fall internship. You brought up a good point about the ‘rumor mill.’ More times than none, I hear things about our major that never turns out to be true, especially with classes and internships.

  24. I appreciate you taking the time to write the basic steps out, I have yet to even start the internship seeking process and after reading this/reviewing the website I know what needs to be done. I no longer need to stress as long as I follow the instructions and deadlines, that is a relief.

  25. I am starting my internship in May for the entire summer. These are great tips for finding an internship and I wish I had them when I was first searching for an internship. I actually saved them in a word document for the next time that I am doing the internship process.

  26. Finding an internship can sometimes be difficult. I think these tips, coming from an internship coordinator, should be useful in finding an internship for anything, not just PR.