5 signs marking finals week on a college campus

AIt is finals week! Well, some colleges have either completed finals week, are currently in finals week, or will be there shortly. Some students will sail through the week with minimal worries, while others will feel as if they are sitting on pins and needles until their final grade is made available. To me, below are the top 5 signs of finals week on a college campus.

5. Everyday is a pajama party.

In my personal opinion, pajamas should only be worn inside the house. However, during the week of finals I always tend to see an increase number of people wearing pajamas on-campus. Not sure if this is due to late night studying and waking up too late to change clothes, or if something else is in play. Regardless, please take a few minutes to put on something other than pajamas. Jogging pants and a sweatshirt work just as well.

4. Increase number of safety reminders.

Let me first state that you should always protect your belongings, at least to the best of your abilities. Thieves get a little more clever every year as they look for easy ways to make cash. Sadly, textbooks are a hot commodity right now; for all the wrong reasons. Not to mention this is the season of giving, so many thieves will take and give or sell to someone else. Protect your belongings. My former babysitter, she moved away, attaches mini bells to her purse and book bag so they will ring if anyone picks up her stuff. It is a start.

3. The library parking lot reminds you of Wal-Mart’s parking lot.

I think the library is a great place to study, if the environment works for you. If not, then please pick somewhere else to go. I cannot say I am amazed at the number of students who go to the library to study but participate in social gatherings instead.

2. An increase number of Parking & Transportation employees.

Dear students: Finals week, or any other week, is not the time to attempt to outsmart the employees of Parking & Transportation. Parking & Transportation knows it is finals weeks, and they know you think you only need 30 minutes to take your final. Lets not acquire parking tickets that could jeopardize you receiving your degree in the mail, or delay you from registering on time. Just park in your assigned parking lot.

1. An overflow of energy drink cans in the recycling bins.

Although I do not drink energy drinks, it is still rewarding to know that students are utilizing the recycling bins. 🙂

What did I miss?  What are additional signs of finals week on a college campus?




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15 responses to “5 signs marking finals week on a college campus

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  2. I can definitely say that finals time is my LEAST favorite time of the semester! It’s so stressful, and the library STAYS packed. I’m pretty sure it’s like this on all college campuses, not just Southern’s.

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  6. These are all great points! I myself frequently go to the library during the semester, and every year it never fails that the parking lots become more crowded ,and the quiet floors in the library get louder. I also agree that just because it’s finals week, doesn’t mean that pajamas should become the campus uniform.lol! Although many people see the library as a waste of time because of the amount of people that crowd onto each floor. I do believe that the environment does help, simply because If I tried to study at my apartment , sleep would be the only thing I would get accomplished.

  7. Lol! This is a pretty funny, yet accurate observation. I actually only wore pajamas my freshman year for that “college experience”. They had Spongebob on them and I didn’t care about any side glances. If you have a final that starts at 8 and you woke up at 7:50, you would be sprinting in pajamas down the pedestrium too. In regards to changing out of pajamas, I quote the immortal words of Sweet Brown, “Aint nobody got time for that!” Additional signs of finals week are more people at the RAC, the sudden loss of sanity and stress related flip outs. If only there was a nice, quiet building in Statesboro during finals. Even thinking about the library is a waste of time. Fortunately, i only have your final this semester so i wont have to deal with the library these final weeks.

  8. All five points couldn’t not be more true, however number three is my biggest problem with finals week! I am a frequent user of the library all year round, I cannot accomplish anything in my apartment between my roommates and puppy therefore the fourth floor is my study spot. However, every finals week everyone and their mother decides the library is the spot to go. No spots in the parking lot unless you arrive at 5 pm, nor are there any tables to sit at. My biggest pet peeve is all of the talking! I will never be able to understand how anyone is actually retaining any information with eight people crowded around one table talking about everything but finals. The last two weeks of the semester I do everything I possibly can to avoid the library which means learning how to study at my apartment. Why I should have to suffer because of the students who decide to show up the last week is beyond me but hey I bet my grades are better! 🙂

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  10. This post definitely make me laugh because of how true it is, but there are two very obvious things you forgot to mention. The first being what students are carrying on campus; more than ever during finals week I see students eyes glued to the stacks of paper or note cards in their hands instead of looking at the light pole they are about to run into. Another common characteristic of students during this week is waiting outside classes early. Every year I see more and more students crowding around our classrooms waiting to take the test and utilizing every second beforehand to study.Actually, most of the time the people waiting outside our classroom are people I’ve never seen in class before(except on exam days)…imagine that!

  11. Katy Gregg

    Faculty that also look haggard, out of “professional dress” and trying to balance their large stacks of paper with their fourth cup of coffee?