Local crisis brewing? A health employee uses racial slur

Earlier today, I, like many of you, logged onto Facebook. I was surprised to see the below photo, not because of the language (or likes), but because, in this college town, it is receiving attention as if it is a football game. I think some of this attention is due to the fact the individual under discussion works in the health profession. And, of course, this is a college town. When I saw the initial post a little after 5 p.m. the picture had been shared by just under 600 people. Now, at the time of this post, about 4 hours later, the picture has been shared by over 1100 people. Needless to say her Facebook page has been either deactivated, for now, or deleted. Attached to this photo was the following description (I retracted the specifics):

This young lady is an employee of xxx of Drs. xx (location) 912-xxx-xxxx Judging by her racial slurs posted on Facebook concerning the re-election of President Barrack Obama I feel this particular Dr’s office should know exactly WHO they have working for them. Are African Americans safe at this office? Does this young lady care for African Americans as she does all patients? Re-post

The individual works, assuming she is still with her employer, for a reputable doctor’s office. In my opinion the doctors are great, their reputation in the community, on an individual level and as a practice, is strong. However, it will be interesting to see how they handle this situation and if their reputation can withstand the attention. What do you think the doctor’s office should do? What would you do? Would you have posted all this information about the individual in the photo description? Would you have posted the picture at all? Vote (and/or comment) below.

[Note: I have no professional affiliation with this doctors office or their employees.]

UPDATE: This employee was terminated from her position. The story received coverage in the local paper, on a regional television station, and in a metropolitan area. A formal statement was released.


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57 responses to “Local crisis brewing? A health employee uses racial slur

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  2. I don’t understand why people think it’s okay to post stuff like this. Yes, it’s her Facebook and she has the freedom of speech. However, in today’s society, employers (almost) ALWAYS check a potential employee’s social media pages. In my opinion, the young lady wasn’t very smart in posting her political opinions, knowing that her boss/co-workers would be able to see it.

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  4. I don’t think any person working for any known business should post anything that is vulgar or racist on there page. I know that she had the right to say what she wants, a lot of people get offended by the “N” word. She should have sent out an apology to those she offended. Even if they are black, white, Hispanic, or Asian they still can be offended by that word.

    Qwuaticia Smith

  5. The beauty of this great country is that we have freedom of speech, the sad part of it is that people are ignorant enough to say things like this “lady” did. (And I’m using the term “lady” lightly.)
    Because I am from the Statesboro area I recall when this happened and I know of, NOT friends with, the person that said it. No one thought it was expectable, but the sad truth is, no one expected anything less from someone of her standing.
    Having freedom is essential, but unfortunately, these are people out there that use it to bash our nation. Personally, I don’t support Obama’s political party, but I do support Obama as our president because no matter what he is our leader, and we should always stand behind him, as long as he is upholding is duties as commander and chief.

  6. Krystal McMath

    This Facebook status is very disturbing. I am very glad that she was fired and I feel as if the company made the right decision. Why would any company condone this type of language? I think if you would call the head of our country this derogatory term, you would call one of your customers this term. I understand that this is a personal social site and that did not represent her company’s opinions, but Facebook is public and it is a site to use when investigating people. If I found this status and was considering her to be my doctor, I would not pay her and I would tell everyone I knew to not use her as a physician. I know that racism still exists and not only with blacks and whites, but it is unprofessional to bring racism into the workplace and a company will not go far. I can not help but to get emotional while reading this because I feel as if I was targeted personally. With that being said, this woman should not have her job or any other job where she has to deal with others.

  7. After an incident like this the best course of action is for this employee to not only be fired, but also have her Facebook page removed. As an employee of that business she represents not only herself but the business as well. Responsibility must be taken to ensure that individuals who promote racism and hate are removed from the businesses they represent. By letting an incident like this slide that business opens up the door for more problems and a continuing PR crisis.

  8. I think that deleting the page, a formal reprimand, and an apology would be the best way to go about this. That is extremely unprofessional, and she should feel very embarrassed for herself as well as the company she works for.

  9. These words are hateful and deplorable, but I will focus on the job side of it, since we already know what is clearly wrong with the statement itself. She has the right to say whatever she wants. With that said, however, this kind of freedom of speech can completely jeopardize one’s job (and reputation.) These words completely lack professionally. This kind of statement is not something a business wants to associate itself with. I have seen many cases in which individuals post statuses, tweets, or pictures that will obviously jeopardize their job if seen by their superior. When one works for a company or business, he/she is representing that company or business. This should be taken seriously. It is up to you to say whatever you want, but it is important to keep in mind that you are representing yourself and that will effect how others and employers look at you. Your language says a lot about you. Many employers go through Facebook and Twitter when looking at potential employees, as they have the right to do so. I certainly would not recommend the office keeping her. I do not have sympathy for individuals who post things like this and lose their job. I cannot think of one boss from my past who would tolerate this. A job comes with responsibility and if that employer does not like the way you are representing yourself, he/she is free to fire you. What you do reflects your employer because they chose and hired you. I do, however, disagree with posting information and a picture. That just seems petty and I would not have the time for it. Just let her go, hire someone else, and move on.

  10. I believe that people are allowed to voice their opinions… but this comment was uncalled for, especially on a public place like Facebook. I think that the doctor’s office should fire her for posting this because we don’t know if she even cares about ALL of her patients after this type of comment. Also it would seem to be very embarrassing for that office from others hearing about it. Firing her did show to their own patients at the office that they care about them and their feelings. I would have posted the photo as well, I mean she did put herself in this situation, so what’s a picture going to do if people already have heard about it…

  11. I feel that the office acted correctly in terminating this person from their position. Racism has no place in this world, and the fact that this person likely interacts with many people of different colors and backgrounds on a daily basis says, at least to me, that she must not be fit to perform the duties required by her job. When one is required by a job to provide health care, or even courtesy and assistance as a receptionist, one must treat all who enter objectively and provide the same quality of service to everyone. It could be approached as bad business if the office was to keep this person on the office work force, as the woman likely does not view everyone who enters the office equally.

    As someone who feels that drama should be minimized rather than escalated, I would not have reposted the picture. I feel that the individual in question made the decision to project these racist thoughts onto a group of people the person trusted. While this fact does not make the projection of such statements an alright thing to do, I do not feel that someone else should take it upon themselves to expose the message to a wide and likely growing audience. Personally, I would have taken a screen shot of the statements and sent them to the individual’s boss. I do agree with the idea that something should have been done about this, regarding the individual’s employment. There is no place for this type of thinking and behavior in the workplace, especially in a workplace designed to give care to any who enter.

  12. I think that termination of the employee was necessary. The employee showed a very big lack in respect and character posting something so terrible. Even if she is writing on her personal page, it is common sense that once anything is written on the internet it can be found by anyone. She should have been responsible and showed character and not have put something so horrible up. The company has to look at the situation as a whole and has to see that since she is an employee she not only represents herself put the integrity of the company. If i had seen the Facebook post myself I probably would have taken a picture and figured out a way to report it. It is very derogatory and something that no one should feel as an acceptable thing to post. Due to her actions the company could suffer and lose a good reputation

  13. I have a few problems with this status update and none actually resonate with the fact that she works at a doctor’s office. The first problem I have is that she posted that in the first place and the second problem I have is that she was willing to “de-friend” a person because of conflicting views. She should be reprimanded for this but not from where she works this is a personal site and a personal issue. The comment was not made on a company site or even a company affiliated page. She however, should have the decency to issue a public apology for this and at least talk with her boss about what he or she thinks should be done in reference to the office.

  14. I think that the doctor’s office should make a public apology about the stupidity of their employee that also lets the public know that they have taken whatever kind of action against the employee. They should want to clear their name as much as possible as to not lose business from loyal customers.

  15. Lauren Herring

    The constitution states that we all have the right to voice our own opinions. I believe that if this woman did not support Obama she had every right to state her opinion and what she believed. However, the US has come so far in trying to overcome racism, and the comments she has left on her Facebook show nothing but her racist, ignorant attitude. Whether or not someone supports our president, their decision should not be based on the color of his skin, but rather his values and his beliefs. This woman owes an apology, her account should be deleted, and she should learn how to better express herself and not support the ignorant, stereotypical “American” attitude that so many Americans are believed to have.

  16. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion about how they feel about a certain candidate but some things just do not need to be said out loud or posted on Facebook, this was so rude and racist. It makes it even worse because she posted it online, it is there for everyone to see and people get offended. If she was working for me I would fire her and send out a public apology from the business.

  17. What she posted was very uncalled for. Even if you don’t agree with how the election turned out it does not give you the right to say those type of things on a public media, there are just some things that should be kept to yourself… I think terminating this person from her job was the right thing to do being a docters office or any type of business for that matter you don’t need to have something negative hurting your business. I would not have reposted, liked, or commented back to this post I wouldn’t want something like this coming back on me to a business I could work for in the future.

  18. People now-a-days should be more careful about what they are writing, and where they are doing their writing, since you never know who is reading your stuff. In Spanish we have a saying, “Por la boca muere el pez,” which basically means that people should learn to keep their mouth shut, since that is how fish die, and that is how people get into trouble. Like in the post that I read “Local crisis brewing? A health employee uses racial slur” everyone has their own personal thoughts about different subjects and respond differently towards them. Some are more passionate than others therefore go to extremes in certain cases such as like the one mentioned in this article about a what a person wrote on Facebook after the presidential elections. Situations just like this one could potentially make people lose their jobs, friendships, and cause disputes among others who have access to seeing this information. So my advice to everyone would be, think before you write something, because once something is written there is no turning back on it.

  19. I believe her personal statement and political feelings should not be the only grounds for being fired from her job at the Doctors office. If, however, in the wake of her facebook post the office started loosing significant business, and the reputation started to become severely damaged then termination would be more acceptable. Her views do not express the views of the Doctors office, and on her PERSONAL facebook page, she should be aloud to express them. I do feel a strong reprimanding could be called for in the office, and a reminder that she does, in a way, represent the company. I that if the employee is an exceptional employee than the office should stand behind her, while still making it very clear to the public that they do not share the same views.

  20. The doctor’s office had no choice but to fire her. What was she thinking! I know that as an American she has a right to her free speech but there is no reason for her to write such an offensive status. I’m sure this doctors has black patience. How are they supposed to feel safe in this doctor’s care when one of his employees is posting this for all the world to see. I would suggest that this doctor hold some sort of meeting for his patience explaining the situation and describing future actions that will be put in place to prevent this from happening again. This might put his patience at ease.

  21. I do believe that it is okay to express your feelings and or opinions on social networks. But, if you are employed at ANY business there is no reason to tweet this way. I have always been told to censor what you say on social networks because employers do a background check. Do you think she would have been employed by the doctors office if this would have occurred before she was hired? I personally do not think so. I know ignorance does not stop at a certain age, however I do believe there is a point at which adults should know what to say and what not to say on their social media handles. If I was to have viewed this tweet before attending that doctors office, I probably would cancel my appointment. I do not condone racism at any level so going to that doctors office would be out of the question. Some may say that would be a little extreme but that is just my opinion. If I was her employer she would have to apologize immediately, delete her social media page, and be HEAVILY reprimanded.

  22. Mimi Wertz

    I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however people must remember its just their opinion. I do not agree with people posting statuses or tweeting things like this. I think it looks bad on the person. Her word choice is what makes this terrible. Many people were upset that he was reelected, however it happened. Using language like calls more attention to your character than what you actually have to say.

  23. I believe everyone has a right to be entitle to their opinions and and say what they want. But this was not doubt a racist comment. I think that it was the right thing to do by firing her. I know for a fact I would not like to be around her. She wrote this on a professional website which showed that she knew what she was doing and she was being very ignorant.
    I hope that with this photo being present that wont take away from any patients who go there or plan to go there just from what some posted. But as people we do believe what other people think. It’s society.

  24. Everyone should have the right to exercise Freedom of Speech. However, they also should understand and realize some of the consequences and actions that follow them doing so. If you are a professional, you must understand that there is a time and a place for everything. While this healthcare professional was not at work saying these remarks, she still was in a public. Even with making your profile private, people still have access to read your comments. She must also understand that her views also are a reflection of her employer. She represents the hospital she works for even off the clock so she should have known better than to think that her actions would go unnoticed and without consequences following.

  25. From a professional stand-point, I would absolutely fire this girl, but from another point of view, it isn’t exactly right to fire someone over their personal opinions. She does, in fact, have a constitutional right to express herself freely, however, making her personal opinion public in such a derogatory way could reflect poorly on the company she worked for, so I would have to let her go. I don’t believe she or the office she worked for treated African Americans any differently, though. I simply think that she was just a bitter, ignorant, and sore loser incapable of expressing herself in a more elegant way. If I were her boss, I would submit a formal public apology because I wouldn’t want this girl’s obvious lapse in judgement effect my buisiness.

  26. It is sad to see that racial segregation that is displayed in this comment still exists. We are a country that believes in freedom of speech but at the same time we also believe that everyone was created equal. I agree that the doctors office should have fired her because what she did would truly affect their business and everyone that works at that doctors office. She is entitled to her opinions but she is not always entitled to post them all over facebook when they will affect her career and those she works with. I would not have posted all that information of the individual cause that could put her in harm when really she was already punished enough by being fired. It amazes me that facebook affects our current world so much but everyone should realize that by now and post accordingly.

  27. I think it is unexcusable that this girl posted that on Facebook. Technically she has the right to say it because of freedom of speech but since she is linked to the company it was very wrong of her. If I was her boss I would fire her and make her put out a public apology. Her comment was immature, rude, and embarrassing. The decision to let her go is entirely up to the employer but if I was her employer I would let her go because I do not anyone who would even think about posting something like that on a social media cite to be a part of my company.

    • Everyone does indeed have the right to express their opinions freely BUT this is taking it a little too far. Instead of voicing her opinion publicly this girl should get a journal and write her feelings down in the journal for her eyes to reflect on ONLY. It is absurd to think that she thought her writing a facebook status so hurtful would be okay. If I was her boss I would definitely let her go because overall her post could easily ruin the business.

  28. I think that it is so sad that someone would have the audacity to say something like that in the first place, much less post it online. Of course, we all have our freedom of speech but this is where morals and ethics come into play and knowing what is right and wrong. I think she should deliver a professional apology to her employer for possibly embarrassing them and she should realize that saying something like this reflects not only her but the people and organizations that she is associated with. I also believe that the decision to let her go or to keep her with the company is entirely up to the employer’s discretion.

  29. I could not agree with Graille more. I believe Beth has a right as an American to voice her beliefs, just like we all do…but there is a time and a place and the internet is NOT it. I do not like politics, however I am a very opinionated person and I take great pride in the nation I was born and raised in; so even though I do not like politics I find myself debating others on hot topics often. Many times I do not agree with others, but that does not mean I voice my opinions in the way Beth handled her thoughts on the elections outcome. What really gets me though is why she thought it was a good idea to post something of that nature where she did! I was though from the time I got a facebook my junior year of high school that everything you put on the internet can be seen and it never truly goes away. As a college student I am constantly aware of everything I post online because I know that in less than a year my future employer could possibly be looking at my page. I want to be seen as respectful, responsible, and mature so i watch every comment that is made and every picture that is posted. Like Beth, I think far too many people over expose themselves through social media and they wonder why they have the reputations that they do.

  30. I think people are entitled to their own opinion, but putting it all over facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites, being obnoxious, etc is asking for trouble. Their is an appropriate way of handling situations and, sadly, this was not the right way. First of all, cussing on facebook is appalling to me. It shows immaturity and is unprofessional. Even though I think there should be a line between a career life and your “home life” when you work for any type of company, organization, you represent them all the time. Since being elected as President of my organization I have had to watch what I say and do whenever I am out, or what I put on social media. You never know who is watching and what impact it may have on your career or home life.

  31. Monica

    I agree to everyone having their own political opinion. I do not agree however with bigots. This lady is a poor excuse for a human being. This may be extreme but I am extremely offended by her actions. If you want to have your opinions on who the President should be that’s fine, but when you are disrespectful and behave the way she did, you have gone too far. I almost lost my composure when I saw this on Facebook. I would handle this situation with an apology, deletion of page, and formal reprimand.

  32. Reblogged this on Short, Southern, & Sassy and commented:
    I know people have the right to “freedom of speech” and all, but when people say things in harms to others or slurs like this, I wouldn’t call it “freedom” but cruel and rude. People that make offensive comments on public sites and media sites such as Facebook, especially when they are employed it is very unprofessional. Even as a college student, even in high school I learned about the effects of posting ones opinion on sites such as Facebook, and live by my mother’s saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” That rule should always apply no matter how old you are or the circumstance. I think this girl should not even have though of posting this specially if she had African American friends, specially if she wanted to keep that friendship. Her employer should fire her in my opinion for her unprofessionalism. People need to realize how important social media sites are these days, they can make or break it when it comes to your job.

  33. I know people have the right to “freedom of speech” and all, but when people say things in harms to others or slurs like this, I wouldn’t call it “freedom” but cruel and rude. People that make offensive comments on public sites and media sites such as Facebook, especially when they are employed it is very unprofessional. Even as a college student, even in high school I learned about the effects of posting ones opinion on sites such as Facebook, and live by my mother’s saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” That rule should always apply no matter how old you are or the circumstance. I think this girl should not even have though of posting this specially if she had African American friends, specially if she wanted to keep that friendship. Her employer should fire her in my opinion for her unprofessionalism. People need to realize how important social media sites are these days, they can make or break it when it comes to your job.

  34. I believe that the decision to fire her was dead on. That post makes makes that doctor’s office look bad and also makes her look ignorant. I would not have went as far as to posting all her information or even posting the photo because I feel that’s a bit too much for me. However now, her reputation has tarnished and she cannot get that back, or correct the mistake she has made. With the media and how the internet works that post was bound to be shared with others.

  35. I am very sad to see that in this day and age someone would post that on Facebook. I feel she owes the African-American community a public apology without a doubt. I wish I knew why she felt she could post something like this on the internet without causing controversy?! The worst part of all is that in this day and age once you put something online it is there forever. This is a prime example. Although she may have deleted her account, her posts remains because others took a picture with their phone, screen shot it, etc. Hopefully in the future an apology will be made by this individual, if not already.

  36. I agree, everyone has their right to freedom of speech, but the lady took it too far. Media sites are very helpful for some things, but some people abuse them and use them to complain, which is exactly what the woman who got fired was doing. People should be more careful with what they post because more and more employers use Facebook and Twitter to see what their possible future employees are like. Most likely she was upset about the election, but that doesn’t justify what she did because Obama is still our president and people should respect him even if they don;t agree with his political stance. This is a perfect example of crisis management, and I’m glad the lady was fired and the business should apologize to prevent further damage to their reputation. People should really be more aware of the message they are putting out to the world!

  37. On top of the fact that this girl is extremely racist, she is also pathetically immature and ignorant. When she speaks negatively about the president she is at the same time being disgraceful to the country as a whole. Although, when all is said and done I think In a way this may have been a blessing in disguise. I say this because they found out who their employee truly was and was able to cut ties before something worse happened. Overall I think the employer took the correct action in firing the girl and I hope that her future employers should be informed of this situation.

  38. I agree with Allison in that everyone has a right to freedom of speech and that social media sites can get you in trouble. This woman should have known exactly what she was doing and exactly what kind of language she was using. I think that honestly this woman was not in the right state of mind when she posted this. She was obviously upset or angry about something and decided to take out her frustration in an unhealthy way. I am glad that the doctors office fired her. If they did not fire her than they would have had to live with those consequences for a very long time.

  39. While I agree with the fact that everyone has a right to freedom of speech, unfortunately, social media sites such as Facebook can get you in major trouble–like what happened to this woman here, for simply expressing your thoughts and opinions. However, I think that this woman should have known the consequences of posting such harsh statements on a social media website for everyone to see. While you can make your Facebook profile “private,” news spreads quickly, which I’m sure is what happened here. She, like many people, probably posted the status in an outrage and did not think before she spoke (or in this case, typed). When a person accepts a job position, no matter where it may be, they are automatically expected to represent the company that they work for in a positive manner. I think that the doctor’s office had no choice but to fire her because hiring a new person to take her place would be easier than dealing with the public after so much negative publicity on this incident of racial slur.

  40. I was utterly appaled by the status and comment that Beth Oglesby made about President Obama. I feel like, as a nation, we should be able to accept people for who they are as a person and not judge their character based on race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual preferance. It completely baffles me to know that this sort of thing still exists in society today. I feel that the major reason why some people still think and act like Oglesby are solely due to the parents/guardians. The majority of the time, if a parent/guardian has racisit tendencies then the child will grow up always knowing racism and will always act in a racist manner. Furthermore, I am proud to say that my mother raised me to have an open and caring mind for every individual that I come across in my journey of life.

  41. prahn22

    I feel that the only thing the Doctor’s office can do at this point is to fire the woman. The damage has already been done by all of the shares on Facebook. If they don’t fire her, they risk their own reputation of having someone like her work for them. Personally, if they didn’t fire her, I don’t think I would go to that particular office. What she said was extremely offensive. They need to take extreme measures in this case or else I believe they will lose a lot of business.

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  43. I agree with pretty much everyone on here. Even though we are given freedom of speech from the first ammendment, Facebook is not the proper place to express opinions such as these. With a public place like Facebook, not only do your friends see EVERYTHING you post, but other professional organizations do as well. In the end her getting fired from her job was in reaction to this post even though she did it on her own personal page. She should have been much smarter in how she gave her opinions. She really should have just kept it between her friends in person, rather than share it with the world. I mean, what did she think was going to happen?

  44. I think that this situation is a key example of how our society really is in this day and age. It is quite sad and disturbing yes, but it is the reality of the world we live in. I am glad however that despite the vulgar remarks made by this individual there was someone willing to stand up and reprimand her accordingly. Her remarks are very shameful to me first as American citizen and then as an African-American. To think that as a group of people whose pledge of allegiance to one another is liberty and justice for all we forget that this liberty bestowed upon us as citizens of this country is the “ability of individuals to have control over their own actions.” Whether these actions be like minded of the greater public or not. In this case, Beth used that liberty by posting her thoughts on an space geared toward free expression. Her use of derogatory language is not more or less than the terms we use to call others in our everyday speak. I believe that removing the connotation that one word, in this instance “Nigger” is profoundly more impacting than another “faggot” will help our society recognize that while we all have the liberty to think whatever we may about another individual or group of people, the repercussions for these aloud actions or comments will be made in a just manner. With that said, I do think the doctors office was right in relieving this women of her duties. I feel that an open apology should have been made by this individual for her tasteless comments. I would have posted the comment as is without the individual’s last name for safety purposes. I believe that Beth received backlash from all sides about her actions but I don’t think giving her full name was a good idea.

  45. Catherine McWalters

    Wow. I’m almost speechless right now. I know that we have the freedom of speech but there should be boundaries. We are in the South but that is no excuse for derogatory and racial slurs about anybody especially the President of the United States. You may not agree with who was elected but there is still a level of respect to be had no matter the race or gender, they are running your country. Not only did she make an ignorant status on Facebook, she also kept going in responding to another comment someone made in regard to her original comment being just as vulgar and disrespectful, if not more. If I were her employer, I would definitely take negative action against her. I would be embarrassed to even say she works for me let alone represent that company. I see now that they did fire her, well deserved, something/someone needed to wake her up and let her know her words and attitude is not acceptable. I would have never posted something so disgusting on a public website intentionally. I can’t imagine what her family thinks about that comment, well maybe that’s where she got that attitude from, but if not that’s awful. If you were so upset about who was elected and wanted to make it public, she should have chosen better words. I hope she learned something from all this because she needs a reality check of whats acceptable behavior.

  46. Growing up in South Georgia for the last 18 years, this type of comment is something I have heard more times than I can remember. In the last couple of months, there have been a large number of racial slurs being made regarding President Obama and other races in general. There are always racial comments being made by every race – white vs. black, Hispanic vs. Mexican… It goes back and forth.

    On a professional level, she should have thought about how many people would be able to see this type of status update and if her employer would be one of those people. She works in a health profession and deals with many different types of people on a daily basis. On a personal level, I’m fairly positive she wasn’t thinking that her comment would contribute to the termination of her job, deletion of her personal Facebook, and the level of recognition that she did receive from the news.

    I believe that everyone has the right of freedom of speech, in which they can express their own beliefs and opinions. I do not believe she should have chosen those explicit words to express her opinion, regardless if that’s how she truly feels. I feel as though the office she worked for had every right to terminate her from her job. I also believe it was a good idea for her Facebook to be disabled.

  47. People use social networking websites to tell others about their opinions on subjects and what they’re thinking, which is fine. What is not fine is when the person goes as far as this young woman did and is discriminating and providing racial slurs. I understand there were some upsets when President Obama was re-elected but there is no reason to be so verbal about such subjects. There is nothing you can do about it and acting this way just lowers people’s opinion of you and gives you a bad reputation. I think the doctor’s office should require her to have all her social networking sites deleted and to provide an apology to those she may have offended. I also think the doctor’s office could release an formal apology stating that this employee’s opinions do not reflect their own. This apology is only if the doctor’s feel is necessary. If I were the employer I would definitely fire this woman for what she said for it looks very bad on the office and have a public apology on behalf of the doctors office.
    On a related side note, when I heard about this post I looked the woman up because I did not know her account was no longer active. Unfortunately another woman has the same name and from Statesboro as this young lady and was being harassed by people on facebook because of the upset of her comment. She had to post on her facebook that this was not the correct person and to please not harass her. People need to think twice before posting things to the internet.

  48. Beth’s Facebook status baffles me. So did a lot of the comments I heard from friends, peers and acquaintances throughout President Obama’s re-election. It seems as though any educated person in the United States could get past the issue of race. I don’t care if the president of the United States is a purple mouse, it is just un American to refer to him in such a negative way. Publishing that statement about the president on the internet is just ignorant. I think it is for the best that she was reported and fired from her job. If she is so racist to post that then she obviously wouldn’t give the black clients at the doctor’s office the same treatment as white clients. Since we live in a democracy everyone has the right to their own opinion and vote. But sometimes it is best to keep your opinion to yourself, especially when referring to THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

  49. semicolonsandellipses

    Even if Beth Oglesby worked for McDonald’s, this comment is pretty disgusting. With that said, I think the physician’s office took the correct action in handling this matter. Maybe if Ms. Oglesby would have taken an Intro to PR course, she would understand that ethics and reputation should never be forgotten, even on personal social network pages.

    The United States is the land of the free, at least that is what they teach us in grade school and some could argue that Ms. Oglesby was only exercising her right to free speech. So, was it okay for her employer to fire her for something she said on her personal page? Of course it was! It’s not 1812, it is 2012 and if you are willing to put opinions out into cyberspace that could damage your employer’s reputation, you should be ready to be fired.

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  52. lm02113

    While this woman has a right to her freedom of speech, as an educated person she should be well aware of the consequences of using offensive language like she did on public forums. As Harry Croswell said, “Truth with good motives and justifiable means should be protected.” Did her speech have good motives or justifiable means? She should have realized that her words on social media sites represent her practice and her job title. Her blatant racial slurs suggest that she is not fit to practice in the medical field. Being a raging racist conflicts with her obligation to help all humans if she is partial to some skin colors and not others. The doctors office was absolutely right in firing her. I would have done the same thing and asked her to give a public apology. If she refused, on the office’s behalf, I would have stated a public apology and disassociated the office with her beliefs. If a person chooses to publish obscene or offensive communication, he or she must be ready to receive the consequences.

  53. This comment was completely inappropriate for the internet. The whole election has brought to my attention how annoying I find the subject of politics and that doubles when people are discussing them. I’m glad the business fired her because unless they want to employee someone so ignorant, they needed to get rid of her. Also, they would loose customers on all levels: those who like Obama, African Americans, those who just aren’t racist. I’m not trying to bash her for having an opinion, but keep comments to yourself that can get you fired, or if you don’t care about having an income, go ahead and blast away.

  54. This was a senseless act by the poster, and it just goes to show how a moment of careless emotion can effect you for the rest of your life. On the poll, I voted that I would apologize, delete the post, and opt for reprimand. However, I’m just slightly torn between how I feel about her being fired, due to the fact that it was her personal account and not a company account. I agree with her being punished for the action, but like I said, I’m on fence with how I feel about an actual release from her position- only because, be it right/ wrong, just/unjust, it was a personal statement made outside of the office.

  55. I agree with Lauren in regards to everyone having the right to voice their opinion and have freedom of speech. Unfortunately, everyone is not as conscientious as others in doing so. I think the doctor’s office made the right decision in firing her because her actions were unacceptable, and I would have done the same. This individual’s actions reflect badly on herself, her family, her job, as well as other aspects of her life. I probably would have posted the exact same information. I mean, after all, she did post that comment on a public social networking site anyway.

  56. Lauren Creel

    Everyone has their own political views and the right to voice them. However, this comment was racist and extremely uncalled for. I personally would be very embarrassed if she were working at my doctor’s office. With that being said, I think terminating her from her position was the right thing to do. The fact that she wrote this on a public website shows that she is very unprofessional and obviously does not care about her job’s reputation. I personally would not have posted the photo, however, it was and it needs to be addressed. As far as the reputation of the doctor’s office, I hope that people will not hold this negative comment against them. They cannot help that this lady wrote this comment on Facebook, and the fact that they fired her from her job shows that they care enough about their patients to take a stand against this racism and rudeness.