Who is your PR Idol?

While discussing the early history of public relations firms one class meeting the suggestion of an elective course offering on women in public relations was made. This discussion came about as many familiar male figures, such as Ivy Lee, George Creel, Edward Bernays, etcetera, were presented in our conversation on the early history of public relations firms. Thus, there was not as much focus, in this discussion, on the women in public relations. Seeing as many areas of public relations are dominated by women, not to mention the public relations course in which this conversation took place, it made me wonder: Who is your public relations idol?

This post is the opportunity to focus on your public relations idol. This individual may be male or female, living or dead, but who is he or she? Or maybe you have more than one that you would like to share. What is it about this person that makes you say “Hey, that’s what I want to do?” or  “It’s because of [insert name] I decided to pursue a career in public relations.” So, I’m asking, “Who’s your public relations idol?”. Tell me in the comment box below.

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11 responses to “Who is your PR Idol?

  1. Lauren Herring

    I would definitely have to say Kelly Cutrone. Her passion as a publicist for fashion really shows. Kelly makes sure the job gets done and because of her fiery attitude, she is so popular in the PR world today. For a brief period she was on The Hills, Lauren Conrad’s show. Lauren Conrad worked under her and it truly was inspiring watching her. Yes, she came off as mean to say the least, but she was always applauded for her excellent work. If I could have even half of her dedication and talent I would be more than happy. Her attitude and work ethic is what I truly strive for.

  2. My PR idol has not changed since Day 1. I saw “Thank You For Smoking” when I was back in high school and knew at that point that talking to people was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Nick Naylor was a huge inspiration when I was trying to decide on my major, and I researched everything I could about the PR field, and what exactly it was that Naylor did in the movie. I learned that it was a style of PR called “spin” and was immediately attracted to the character and the type of career. I do know that “spin doctors” and “spin” is somewhat frowned upon in the Public Relations world, which is kind of another reason I liked it. Nick Naylor’s personality and mine fit, and I have always felt like I had a persuasive side to the way I handle things and can generally manipulate a conversation well. So from the first time I discovered what Public Relations really was, all the way through studying it here at GSU, I feel like Nick Naylor (although he is a fictional character) is the person I idolize the most in the PR world.

  3. I’m going to have to go with Edward Bernays. I mean, Bernays basically came up with the idea of Public Relations, or at least what it is today. If you google his name, it literally says, “The Father of Public Relations.” I wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for him. That a lone makes him my idol. Other than that, he’s had his hands in so many campaigns and propaganda stuff that no one comes even close to the caliber that he was running at. He’s a very interesting individual and I would love to learn more about him.

  4. My PR idol is Lindsay Pitt. She owns the company I work for during the summers, Toast Events. She graduated from college and started doing events for the Atlanta Athletic Club and then broke off and started her own company. All of her weddings are high-end and fabulous. I want to move to Nashville and start my ow company and basically become Lindsay Pitt. She is driven, dedicated, and LOVES her job. She is very good at always saying the right thing to clients and has the perfect mixture of being professional but a friend to her clients.

  5. Monica

    My public relations hero would have to be Edward Bernays. I think this man is a genius. The reason he is my pr hero is his genius way using his uncle Sigmund Freud’s psychology research on humans then applied it to public relations. Although I do not agree with the use of cigarettes, One of Bernay’s biggest accomplishments was getting women to smoke. I learn about him in my history of advertising course for my major and I have admired his work ever since. His drive and direction was pure genius.

  6. My pr idol is Meera Venkatraman. Ms. Venkatraman does the public relations at a nonprofit organization in Atlanta, Georgia, I met her through the PRSSA shadow day event back in October. Ms. Venkatraman works for the Arthritis Foundation along the side of four other individuals. I was lucky enough to sit in one of their brainstorming meetings to see first hand what a pr practitioner does. She also works for MLB and did the pr for the Atlanta Braves. Ms. Venkatraman is my role model because she started out as an intern at her current jobs and worked her way up. She gave me some great advice that I will never forget. I also am interested in working for a nonprofit organization so seeing how a nonprofit org functions was a one in a lifetime experience!

  7. My PR idol is one of our family friends, Susannah Cox. After only moving to Macon, GA a few years ago, she has fearlessly made her name well-known throughout our community through the work of her PR company, “Goods PR,” that she started on her own. She works with several organizations and companies such as Central Georgia Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the Macon Georgia Cherry Blossom Festival, and Signature Salon, where I happen to get my hair done. Susannah does such a great job at promoting these companies and getting the word out to the public about events, deals, and promotions in the most creative way possible. I am very artistic and creative and I hope that one day, like Susannah, I can use my talents to successfully represent different organizations and companies throughout Macon.

  8. Lauren Creel

    My PR idol is my stepsister Chelsea Friez. She works for Sweet Jack in Atlanta, and does all of their Public Relations work. I admire her because she is extremely hard working and always gets her job done. Not only is Chelsea only 23 years old, she has also already been given multiple promotions. Before coming to college I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career, however, hearing about her work and all of the things she does has made me want to choose PR as my career path. I love hearing about all the events that she has helped plan and how much fun she has at her job. She is also an incredible writer, and I hope that I will be close to her level when I graduate. I hope that I have the opportunity to intern at Sweet Jack so that she can take me under her wing and teach me more about the PR field.

  9. My PR idol is Nicole Garner. She is the CEO of The Garner Circle, a very successful PR event planning and marketing firm in Atlanta, GA. She graduated at Georgia State and she is also a soror of mine! She is my idol because she started this business at a young age and now it is flourishing and she is only 32 years old. She does exactly what I want to do with my career. The Garner Circle has events not only in Atlanta but other cities as well. Their clients are local and global (BET). This summer, my dream is to intern for them and hopefully be offered a job when I graduate. I have gotten the chance to meet her and she seems like a really nice, down to earth person. I would love for her to be my mentor but I am sure she has a lot of college students wanting to be taken under her wing. I hope that I am as successful as she is in my career!

  10. My PR idol is my aunt, Barbara Kennedy. She is currently working for Baylor, a prestigious boarding school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Here she has moved up consistently in the work world while keeping her integrity. Her comfortable lifestyle now is everything I want in the future. She has a husband and three kids. She is a mom, wife, aunt, sister, daughter, and a successful public relations specialist for a great institute. Not only does she work for a great institute but my cousins have all been given free education at this costly school because of my aunt’s job. The institute is really one to brag about and has a good mission in the world: to educate young people. I’ve also read her work that she writes for the school’s magazine. It has character, style, and kept my interest. I hope that once I graduate my writing can be on a more compatible level. My aunt’s life is one of good honest work, she has a loving family, and at the end of the day she is satisfied. Who wouldn’t want this kind of life style?

  11. My personal PR idol is Siri Garber. She is a publicist for people involved in entertainment in Los Angeles. When I was only 15, I was looking over some career suggestion websites designed for students who were interested in finding careers to pursue. I came across a video made by one of these websites. The video featured Ms. Garber and an interviewer asking her questions about how she got started in her career, what she enjoys in her job, etc. Ms. Garber explained that she was working in politics and non-profit organizations when she realized that PR was her forte. She finished school and started her own PR firm, Platform PR, in Los Angeles. Through hard work and networking, Ms. Garber now represents clients that are featured on feature films, the Disney Channel, Dancing with the Stars, and her clientele is quickly growing. Back when I was 15, I sent her an email thanking her for inspiring me to look into PR. She was gracious enough to email me back and offered to set me up with an internship when I was in college. A lot has changed since those days, but I am still impressed with the fact that she built her firm from the ground up and that she took the time out of her busy day full of press releases and promotions to email a 15 year old girl about her career. For this reason, Siri Garber is my PR idol.