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Who is your PR Idol?

While discussing the early history of public relations firms one class meeting the suggestion of an elective course offering on women in public relations was made. This discussion came about as many familiar male figures, such as Ivy Lee, George Creel, Edward Bernays, etcetera, were presented in our conversation on the early history of public relations firms. Thus, there was not as much focus, in this discussion, on the women in public relations. Seeing as many areas of public relations are dominated by women, not to mention the public relations course in which this conversation took place, it made me wonder: Who is your public relations idol?

This post is the opportunity to focus on your public relations idol. This individual may be male or female, living or dead, but who is he or she? Or maybe you have more than one that you would like to share. What is it about this person that makes you say “Hey, that’s what I want to do?” or  “It’s because of [insert name] I decided to pursue a career in public relations.” So, I’m asking, “Who’s your public relations idol?”. Tell me in the comment box below.

Pictured left is Doris Fleischman (Picture courtesy of Google images)





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Topic of the Week 3 (Fall ’12)

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Discuss the public relations elements of a current campaign. What makes these elements public relations focused? Identify as many of the eight elements of program planning with respect to this campaign. Embed a picture, Youtube clip, etc. of the campaign into your post.


Write a post using the following prompt: Why I will/will not use StumbleUpon/Twitter/Posterous/Facebook/Pinterest/Google Reader/Google Plus (insert social media platform of your choice)… and why. (You only need to choose one social media platform to discuss.)

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