In Honor of Blue Friday at Georgia Southern

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  2. Football season here at Georgia Southern is a great tradition that has always meant a lot to me here during my time at Georgia Southern. Students at other universities are not given the luxury of having a grounded football program or not even have a football program in the first place. To see that this school values football, homecoming, and everything great about football, I can confidently say I am proud to be a Georgia Southern Eagle. GATA

  3. This video is great. Gus is awesome. I absolutely love games at Georgia Southern! They are so much fun. I never really went to many games my first two years, but junior and senior year I have made it to almost every home game. It is so cool for everyone to come together and support our school and team. Not to be cheesy, but I love how much pride our school has! I have always been a huge sports fan, so I am so glad I go to a college where school spirit is expected. My closet looks a little more blue/yellow each year. Georgia Southern is a great school and I have learned over the years how much I really appreciate going here. Football is a great way to not only cheer on the football team, but to show pride and love for the school that you go to. Go Eagles!

  4. Watching this video makes me want to go back to all of the home Georgia Southern football games of this fall 2012 season! I missed some of the games because of work but when I wasn’t, I was there. They seem to be different than other schools, even the other bigger universities, we have more passion than other schools. I love that the student body has a great amount of pride in their school and football team. GSU is now in the playoffs and did great at the last game, GO EAGLES!!!

  5. This is a killer video. I know that for PRCA 2330 students are required to post on at least three of your blogs, and that this comment could totally come off as me BS-ing, but I am actually being sincere. This is a really good quality video and I am impressed with the ideas that whoever constructed the video had. I liked the idea of Gus slapping the GATA sign before stepping outside. A little bit of superstition and tradition in that scene, I think it was a very funny touch. And just in case Gus wasn’t psyched up enough to get out on the field, he seemingly gives himself a peptalk to increase energy levels as he leans his head in towards the bust. Another very funny, and ironic touch. Loved the video, it was comically intense and ironic because he is not a football player. But am I ready? Not quite sure. This is my first semester here after spend two years at Augusta State. I think my allegiances still lay at ASU. Just not quite as psyched as Gus I guess!

  6. Before I became a student of Georgia Southern University I was not a huge football fan. The only time I paid attention to football was when UGA played UF because that was the biggest game in my house. The Eagles are a team I have followed since I started GSU and will continue to follow when I graduate. I, like others who commented before me, came from a smaller university and transferred to GSU for a true university experience. Attending the football games has definitely been part of that experience for me! I love going to the games and tailgating with friends beforehand. It is such a great time when the whole university comes together and celebrates our school! Although I have not made it to as many of the games as I would have liked this semester I always keep up with them online because I need to know the score! I can’t wait to watch the game this weekend! I love my eagles and I am TRUE BLUE!

  7. I think this video is a cute idea to get students and fans excited about the Homecoming weekend we had a few weeks back. Georgia Southern students continuously show their school spirit and turn up on game days here. I love the school pride that so many of my friends here show. For me personally the games have always been what I look forward to every fall Saturday. My parents met at Georgia Southern and have taken me to the games all while growing up so I love to get involved in all the traditions and great things that makes this place my home now. Even when the Eagles are playing away our fans and students never fail to turn up in Athens. I remember the night before the Georgia vs. Georgia Southern game this year being downtown in Athens and hearing repeatedly everyone shouting the Georgia Southern chant all through downtown. It was great to be three hours away and Athens and still feel like I was at home with my fellow Georgia Southern peers. I think that the video works great PR wise by having GUS our lovable mascot getting decked out and ready in his blue encouraging the students to do the same

  8. This is probably going to make me sound like such a bad student, but I am a Junior and I have only been to one Georgia Southern football game. The one I went to was last year when we play App State and won. It was the best game I could have gone to. Everyone stormed the field after the clock stopped. It was such a fun game to watch and such a good experience!

  9. Chills! Football has held a special place in my heart for quite some time, and in high school, I was captain of the cheerleading team, and was even voted “most school spirited” senior superlative- an honor I will always cherish! However, my investment in a football program moved to new heights when I became an Eagle. School pride is such an important thing to foster, for lots of reasons. It is beneficial to both the students and the school because when students care about the institution they represent, they work harder to represent it in a positive way. Sometimes it is upsetting to be when I hear people to say they are not truly “Georgia Southern fans”, and would rather attend games at places like UGA or Tech. This video was a great PR tool to help reach and convert fans to being “true blue”, I would love to see more promotional clips like this from the Athletics Department. Hail Southern!

  10. I am not a huge sports fan but I love attending the GSU football games, especially the homecoming game! The school spirit is incredible and watching this video makes me want to go to a football game right now. It was well done!

  11. I also just transferred to GSU from a Jr. college and we didn’t have a football team so coming here and seeing how much pride everyone has is great! I love college football and love going to games! GO EAGLES!!

  12. I just transferred to GSU this Fall from a smaller university. One of the reasons why I transferred was to be able to have the true university experience. Even though I have only been here for one semester, I have noticed that I have been missing alot! One of the biggest things was having that sense of school pride and everyone uniting for a common thing. I love seeing how much everyone here loves, enjoys and supports GSU. I also love seeing the stadium packed every home game and everyone decked out in Blue and Gold. I am so happy that I chose to be an Eagle and that I am now a part of this great university!

  13. I have to say That until I came to college did I begin to show school spirit, even though I had been captain of my middle school and high school soccer team, and had to represent my school outside the country, I never quite felt like I loved my school as much as I do now that I am at college. Whenever there is a game regardless what sport I am always wanting to know the scores and if I can watch the games. I am one of the first to be tweeting, facebooking, and msging people about the games and where should we watch them what should we do and show my true school spirit, GATA! And at the games I am on of many who is out there cheering for the Eagles! Proud to be an eagle!

  14. This video should have been promoted more. Homecoming events are not attended by as many students as you would think and this video could have put people in the spirit. It would have been a great idea to have a series of these videos made and played them on all the flat screens on campus during homecoming week. Attendance at homecoming events could have be better if they did that.

  15. semicolonsandellipses

    How come I didn’t hear anything about this video? This was an awesome idea for a promotional video even though for many Georgia Southern students, attendance at the homecoming festivities is an integral part of being an eagle. Gus is an important figure on and off the football field so it was clever for whoever created this video to use a subject that every student would be familiar with. Even though I attended the game decked out in my Georgia Southern gear, I wish I would have seen this video first. Maybe I would have gone all out and painted my face. GO EAGLES!

  16. Georgia Southern University comes together for a day when we have a home football game. It not only brings revenue into the city, but it also brings pride to the school. When choosing a college, I wanted to go to a school that was large enough for a football game. I’m glad a chose Southern because football isn’t just a big deal down in the South, it is a religion. The tailgating, music, and cheers being yelled by the crowd make for a fun filled Saturday in the prettiest little stadium in America.

  17. I can honestly say that one of the best things about attending Georgia Southern is the school spirit and pride everyone has. When I do have a chance to attend a game of any sport it’s always exciting cheering on your team. The last university I went to was not even close to ga southern has here as far as the excitement when it comes to football or any sport. The feeling you get going to a game is nothing less than amazing. Georgia!!!!….Southern!!!!!!!!

  18. Mimi Wertz

    I love going to the Georgia Southern Football games. They are one of my favorite things about southern. I love all of the traditions and the atmosphere! I’ve met people who have never been to a game and I find that a tragedy. We have a really good football team and our games are really exciting to watch. I understand when people grow up a fan of a big school like UGA however I think sometimes people nee to remember where they go to school. Why wouldn’t you want to beat the school you’ve always cheered for? Doesn’t that mean your team has made it? I would have loved to see what the students from GSU that were cheering for UGA in Athens would have done if GSu had won? Would they have been mad because their “favorite team lost” or would they suddenly be prod to be an eagle?

  19. I love Georgia Southern!!! This University has grown so much over the years! We are continuously getting recognition for so many of our accomplishments which add value to our degrees. While football is interest to a lot of our supporters, I am ashamed to admit I have not made it to a game this semester! I know, it’s sad. I have just been so busy with work, studies and being involved. But know that I do carry pride for my University everywhere that I go! I will be supporting them from afar as we continue on in the next round of the playoffs at Old Dominion!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I’m as big of a GSU fan as the next student, but my comment is going to stem off to another similar topic. Lately, a lot of people have been taking some heat for cheering for the Georgia Bulldogs. I don’t think that’s exactly fair. I’m proud to be an eagle, and when we played in Athens between the hedges, I sported my blue and gold, but I haven’t grown up a Georgia Southern Eagles fan. I’ve grown up a Bulldogs fan. I live approximately twenty minutes from Athens, and have been attending games all my life. I don’t think I should be ridiculed for that. You can find me in Statesboro on gameday weekends tailgating on Greek Row and watching the game either in Paulson Stadium or on the big screen at GATAs. At the same time, when I send a tweet saying “Go Dawgs!” after my “GATA” and “Hail Southern” tweet, I’m reminded that I attend GSU and that I should be cheering for the eagles. I’m aware, but cut me and everyone else some slack. I made it very apparent where my allegiances lie in Athens on November 17th, so I don’t think it’s a crime for me to cheer on the team I’ve been rooting for my entire life.

  21. Watching this video really put me in the spirit for our upcoming game on saturday. Even though it is not at our home stadium does not mean that I will not be watching. Georgia Southern will be on ESPN this weekend and I will be cheering them on from statesboro and hoping with all my heart that they continue on in their journey of the playoffs! GSU was the only school I applied to and the only one I will attend to because me this school has everything to offer. I really loved the intro to this video with the footage of the prettiest little stadium and I really love how true fans of Georgia Southern will always stick to cheering for their eagles rather than the Georgia dawgs. I will be one of these alumni that comes back even after I graduate to support where I chose to get my education.

  22. The school spirit here at GSU is so amazing. Statesboro lives for football games. Greek row is where I taligate and each house is always cooking out, watching other games, and socializing as they await the EAGLES to take the field. Alums come back and play cornhole and pregame for each game too. It is a pretty neat atmosphere. We all come together as one. GO EAGLES GATA!!! I would not trade my college of choice for anything.

  23. I absolutely love the school spirit that so many Georgia Southern students posses, along with the facility and the entire town of Statesboro, Georgia. It is true that we have the “prettiest little stadium in America.” Georgia Southern may not be one of the big SEC schools, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have pride. I am so happy that I chose to come to school here and know what it is like to be apart of something truly amazing. Hail Southern!

  24. Let me first start by stating that my passion and love for Georgia Southern is borderline obsessive. haha I really have fell in love with this great university and am so proud to call it home. I grew up an Alabama fan and I still am, but they have moved to second place in my heart after being replaced by GSU. The games here at Southern are such a blast. I have not missed a home game since I started here at Georgia Southern and I am so happy I can say that. My dad was a graduate of Alabama so I was raised yelling Roll Tide. However, I never felt the passion my Dad did for Bama until I came to Southern and knew what it felt like for this to be My school. Statesboro is such a humble little town. I love the slow pace compared to that of Atlanta. I also really love how hospitable everyone is down here. I feel like we really coin the phrase ‘Southern Charm’. I cannot wait to watch our boys beat Ol Dominion on ESPN this weekend and I am so excited we are getting a prime time slot on TV. I think videos such as this one help to get fans excited when they see them circulating through social media. I know that the video that plays on the score board before the games of Erk Russel talking gives me chills every time! HAIL SOUTHERN! ONE MORE TIME ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I love football weekends here at Georgia Southern! I actually grew up watching the games with my parents and I was one of those little monsters sliding down the hill on cardboard! So much has changed since then, and will continue to change in the next few years. I am so happy that I chose to come here and be apart of the Southern Traditions and be an Eagle.

  26. I attended this game as well as about 4 out of the 7 home games this season. As a senior, I think it was a matter of finding that appreciation for this university and a realization that the “good times” are almost over. I made a vow to attend as many football games as possible since over my 4 years at GSU i had only attended 2 games prior. I have since earned my place at Paulson Stadium, learning the traditional cheers and rants as well as meeting more people around campus. I love the tradition that I have learned over the course of the semester.

  27. I always enjoy the games here at Georgia Southern. The thing that I enjoy the most is how much of a large percentage of the student body has school pride. Other universities in Georgia do not have this same level of school pride amongst their student bodies. Valdosta State University is a good example. This is most likely partly due to the university not having their own Football stadium. I feel, part of what makes a fan’s experience so much better is the facilities that they experience a game in. For example Sanford Stadium at UGA is a facility that students from the beginning of the program to todays current students all can relate to. The pride they have for this stadium almost makes it a landmark. Although Georgia Southern’s stadium is not nearly the same size, the students from the days of Erk Russell to today all have that same sense of pride in Paulson Stadium. #HailSouthern