What’s your big blog idea?


Who’s ready to blog? The time has come for students enrolled in the Intro to Public Relations course to begin their blogging journey. As with any journey we need a road map. So, what are your blog ideas to begin this journey? Please post your comments below.


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  2. When I first began this course I wasn’t sure how my blog would come together. My original idea was to express my opinion and input on current situations in the PR field. I believe that this blog will help me connect with the current issues and trends in the PR field and will continue to build my knowledge and gauge my interest of what type of PR I may want to due after graduation.

  3. I have always tried to get into blogging but have never had the motivation after the first week. There are probably a solid five to ten blogs floating around with my name on them and one post. Having the topics of the week has really helped me have something to talk about. Hopefully when I become more involved in the PR field I will be able to blog more and show the world what I really care about.

  4. I am currently taking Intro to PR because I am a PR minor and I want to focus on event planning. I have never blogged before so this will be an interesting journey for me.
    I plan to use my blog not only in this class and with my classmates but also in my future. I am a theatre major and hope to be responsible for my own talent agency. Helping build this business I am going to need to stay in connect with other people who are or have been already on this journey.
    I heard that linkedIn is also a great way to make this happen in this profession.

  5. At the moment I am using this specific blog for class, but I’ve used the opportunity to view the ideas of my classmates. It’s always fun seeing others who have the same interest or thoughts that you do. I already had a WordPress because of my poetry blog so setting up the blog wasn’t too difficult. However, coming up with subjects to write about is, especially when it comes to PR. I don’t have much experience and before the class I also didn’t have much knowledge beyond the idea of event planning. I know that this blog and the course has helped me with that as well.

  6. At the beginning was the semester I wasn’t sure this WordPress site would be for me. I don’t know why, because I always have a lot to say and wouldn’t a blog be the perfect place to say it? But nowadays I feel like blogs are getting too much negative feedback and I don’t like to be a part of people bashing people on the internet. This happens because on your blog you are writing about your ideas and opinions. And of course not everyone is going to think the exact same way as you. But the topics you gave us weren’t controversial so it wasn’t hard for me write about them for the world to see. I’m very cautious of what I put on the internet because you never know who might see it. I think if everyone was more cautious the internet would be a more pleasant place. I may continue to write on this blog in the future and I might even throw some heated opinionated topics out there! Nothing wrong with a good debate, I guess!

  7. I had never created a blog before taking this Intro to PR class, and I can honestly say I was very skeptical and nervous! Even after I read the directions to the entire blog assignment I was still very worried. However, after the very first blog post was due I was no longer nervous, worried, or skeptical! I was actually relieved! I loved to blog; it was the easiest and funnest assignment I had ever done. To me, blogging is like an online diary; you just have to be cautious about the things you say and who your audience is, but you will not have anything to worry about if you are nonbiased and write in a professional manner. I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging and I believe I will most definitely continue to use wordpress. I’ve already downloaded the app on my phone to make it more convenient, too!

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  9. lm02113

    I know the semester is nearing an end, but I have an idea for next semester’s blog topics. I think blogging about getting involved while in school would be beneficial for students, especially for PR majors. There are many opportunities on campus for students to get involved with being head of communications, chairs of social media, etc. One major organization students should consider getting involved in is PRSSA. I think posing a question to PR majors asking why or why not they chose to get involved with PRSSA would be interesting. I am the managing editor for PRSSA’s blog and I know that getting involved has really helped me with networking and has given me a better understanding of PR. There are so many opportunities available to PR students through PRSSA, so I think bringing awareness to the organization would be beneficial.

  10. Since most of us are PR majors, I think it would be beneficial for us to blog about our different journeys within the PR field. For instance, I know some people have already had a lot of experience with internships, volunteering places, and so forth. However, others may not have had the opportunity to do much of anything yet. It would be helpful to find out how others have went about approaching internships, jobs, etc. and their experiences. It has been nerve racking for me, just thinking about all the things I need to do and worrying about how I am going to get it all done before graduation. Having others input that are going through the same thing as me would be comforting and much appreciated.

  11. I think it would be a great idea to blog about our first internship experience. What we learned and also what we took from this experience and applied in our lives. Also, to discuss our dream internship and how we plan to get it.

  12. I think it would be great if we all posted about our experiences in PR. We could all learn a lot from each other!

  13. I’d like to blog about future jobs as well. I have been working towards becoming a professional brewmaster and would love to be able to write about it.

  14. I agree with the idea above. Career paths would be a great way to see what our classmates are hoping to achieve with their majors and knowledge their gaining from the class. Another idea could be writing about and describing any PR experiences we’ve had in the past and what we learned/gained from these experiences.

  15. Hey everyone! Maybe before tests we could have a review thread via blogs. This way if we forgot to study something, a classmate could help us remember what was said in class that day about the certain topic. Also, Career Paths is a great idea; I would like to know the possibilities in the field and what we could do with our position.

  16. Career paths! I think its always interesting to hear about what people want to do when they graduate and types of jobs they want!

    • I was just about to post this idea! Plus it would help students who aren’t entirely sure what direction they want to go in. It would give them some great ideas!

  17. A blog about some type of music review would be an interesting assignment.