PR reminders from blog spam e-mail

Since I began my blogging journey one thing I could always count on was spammers. Sadly. Yet the increase or decrease of spam comments served as a reminder about my blogging activity— no post, no spam; lots of posts, lots of spam. But lately, blog spammers are not just posting in the comments section, they are e-mailing me. Yes, an e-mail. On top of it all, not only do I receive blog spam e-mail asking to advertise on my blog, but I also receive blog spam e-mail intended for my colleague blog. Really spammers, are we just that lazy?

At first I thought it was a fluke, but then I received blog spam e-mails intended for my colleague on multiple occasions. But I’m not going to beat up on the people sending the unwanted e-mails (and comments at times). Instead below are three basic public relations reminders (key word: reminders) from this fiasco. (Sidebar: I am NOT endorsing spam as a form of public relations.)

  • Get the name right: Public relations 101. The best way to build a rapport with someone is to be able to address them by name. Of course seeing or communicating with the individual on multiple occasions helps. If you are not good with names there are several tricks that you can use. Just find one that works for you. This rule also applies to other aspects of public relations, such as writing client materials.
  • Consistency: There are several cliches regarding consistency. One of my favorites is “how you practice is how you play.” In the end you are known by the work you produce. If you are good in your field, people will know. If you are not, people will know. Of course everything you do may not be a success, but as they say “actions speak louder than words.” Knowing what to expect from an individual can be a key reason to work or not work with someone. 
  • Be human: One of my colleagues is a stickler about the need for people to use salutations, especially with respect to e-mail communications. As they say, follow the golden rule “treat people how you wish to be treated.” But in some instances the platinum rule applies: “Treat the person how THEY want to be treated.” Regardless the premise is the same, address the person. It goes back to building a rapport with someone. It is okay to show your personality, but just know the rules of your environment.

What would you add? What are other basic lessons we are reminded of when spammers flood our inbox?





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  2. coquinn

    This cracked me up when I read it. I often wonder why spam still exists. It can’t be that effective of a marketing tool. People do everything in their power to filter it out and, if something does make its way past the filter, I typically delete it without reading it. It is annoying that is for sure.

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  4. If it’s anything that bothers me, it’s people misspelling/ mispronouncing my name. I grow irritable every time (especially when the person has the audacity to ask me for something). “PR” spammers should do their research. We might like them more.

  5. I really loved these tips. My favorite would be “Be Human”. I believe that being funny (in the right manner and setting) and showing that your professional with a great personality is a very key attribute to have. People like people they can come to with questions without feeling scared or threatened, especially when first getting a job. I feel like something that should be added on is having good mannerisms and being kind. You never know what people are batteling so be understanding and willing to help out if you can. Having proper manners is really needed for PR practitioners because you meet so many people at parties, lunch/dinners, and work settings, and you need to represent yourself well. Doing this will make your company or brand also look presentable.

  6. The_Daily_Della

    Spam can be very annoying that is something I will agree about. I do like how you shared some basic tips about this kind of problem and they are all helpful. The “Be Human” in my opinion is important respect can go a long way when you show it and some people have to realize that how you react to certain situations is going to effect your repuation. These three reminders can come in handy especially for beginning bloggers.

  7. I didn’t realize until now how annoying spam can be until you pointed it out. Every time spam comes into my personal email I am reminded of how impersonal they all are. But I totally agree about the three reminders!! I hope to never have to deal with spam in regards to my blog but if I do ill deal with them in the manner mentioned above.

    In every thing you do… But as far as spam. I don’t think I want it to be THAT consistent. But I do feel that this is a major aspect in PR. Something I may add is a follow-up. I think following up ties into consistency. You always want to ask how someone is doing, and and how they feel etc.

    Also maintain your reputation. Its like high school all over again! If you want to be known as the harlot of your school, go ahead and sleep with everyone in your school. If you want to be known as a good PR professional DO YOUR WORK and your research. you only get as much as your willing to give! (sometimes more)

  9. When commenting on a professional blog I think it is best to mirror the language used by the blogger. Get on their level or above their level. Don’t just comment on a blog to comment on a blog. Sometimes spam can just be an accident, but relevant to your blog. So you should read each spam email as much as you can.

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  11. Thank you for the list of reminders they will help me in the future! I hate hate spam!! I try to ignore them but the name will be interesting, shiny, or bright, that always gets me!

  12. I completely agree with your list of reminders, I’d also add the importance of maintaining the quality of credibility and reputation of your business. Spam emails are the worst! Can’t say I’ve ever heard anyone speak the words, “What a great spam message this is! I hope they keep the emails coming!” So why do they continue sending them? What positive message could spam possibly convey for a business? Baffles me.

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  14. I hate spam and I always ignore them. Getting the name right is what bugs me the most. I don’t understand how someone was able to get my email address and send me an email without even showing me that they at least have an idea of who I am. I would be much more likely to open the email instead of just deleting it if they followed those 3 things.

  15. Heather Landry

    I always ignore spam e-mails! Haven’t they noticed by now that most people are annoyed by them? I would be much more interested in a product or promotion if I saw anything other than an impersonal e-mail. I thought the public relations reminders were great. It’s always the basic stuff that people tend to forget. I have learned first-hand that addressing someone by name is the way to go. As the secretary for my organization, I am constantly trying to contact individuals at National Headquarters. I have found that I receive a much quicker response and more help when I am sending individual e-mails rather than to the general headquarters. Also, I love the platinum rule: “treat the person how THEY want to be treated.”

  16. I think it’s important to know who you are talking to, and especially to know what you are asking for. Getting a name right is important, and getting their title right is even more important…I’m so much less likely to respond to someone to point them in the direction of the person they need to talk to if they clearly didn’t do research on what they are asking for, it makes me feel like they are lazy and don’t deserve my time.
    If you are new to the biz, build a rapport, or explain yourself…Don’t just be some random unknown person no one’s heard of, let me people know why they should know you.

    I think this is great advice to build on.

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  20. realityoftoday

    I can agree with all of these things, and add this: Show common curtsey for their time! Make it clear that you appreciate the time it takes for them to help you out, or respond to your email. I think that everyone values feeling appreciated, and if you extend that respect, they’re more likely to view you in a favorable light. One should always remember that if you’re having a busy day, it’s just as likely that the person you’re contacting is just as busy, so acknowledging this and being patient with the situation is a valuable characteristic to display.

    Melanie Underwood

  21. As much as I hate spam mail, I can admit that I will at least start to read it if they address me by my name (and if it is spelled right). I think that all of these elements are great to keep in mind as a PR practitioner, especially as our field is turning to the digital side. One thing I would add to this list is don’t overload people. When I get several emails a day from one company it lessens that chance that I am going to read them. I definitely agree with keeping the golden rule in mind, I just wish others would remember it when they are sending emails.

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  23. I think that all of these elements are really important. Mainly I think it’s important to be someone who is attractive. Since I am way out of shape, me saying attractive does NOT mean being someone who would qualify for the cover of a magazine cover–I mean someone who is of such character and personality that people are “drawn” to them. This doesn’t come from working hard as much as it is something from the heart–a natural response to situations. I honestly think that this is a key in advertising (spam doesn’t quite cut it) and is why certain businesses have succeeded because they see each customer as significant to their success as a businessman or even as a PR practitioner. Being someone who people are drawn to is an automatic successful plan.

  24. I know exactly what you mean on spammers being so annoying! If spammers just followed those three reminders it would just make everyone else happy. I think it is key to address your name when e-mailing because that will straight away get the person’s attention. As well as consistency, I completely agree with the phrase “actions speak louder than words.”

  25. I agree with everything in this post. I have a hard time remembering peoples name but hopefully the tricks you gave with help me in the future! I think it is a great key to remember people’s names not only for the business world but in everyday life!

  26. Spam is so annoying!! It is always cluttering up my inboxes and it just puts me in a bad mood. Maybe if spammers would follow your rules, junk messages might be a little more bearable, but to me junk is junk!

  27. Jaquaysha

    Spam sucks. I’m almost convinced that is why they both start with the letter “S”. Spam gets sent directly to my junk folder. However, some spam is getting smart by disguising themselves as actual mail. I know it’s not really for me if they spell my name wrong. I have nine letters in my first name alone, so I can understand getting it wrong, but with it’s too wrong beyond recognition, it’s getting deleted, spam or not. If it is not spam and someone is trying to sell to me, at least spell my name right.

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  29. Like everyone else, spam drives me absolutely nuts. I blog for a wedding planner and held the comments look like this “How Much Xanax Does It Take To Poisoning valsartan 80 12.5 mg Zoloft Without Prescription Treatment Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Levitra No Prescription.” Last time I checked weddings have nothing to due with Xanax. As you said, I think it is very important to address the person in communicating online. I know that if an email starts off addressing me I am 100% more likely to pay attention!

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  31. Spam is spam, everyone hates it. One of my biggest fears is that someone important tries to reach me and it goes to my spam folder and I accidentally delete it. When working with blogs or even videos you post online, you have to prepare yourself for harsh or unrelated comments. If you are flooded with positive comments, that is great.
    When commenting on something or replying to someone I definitely think that it is important to learn someone’s name. An effort goes a long way. I have an unusual name, if you don’t know how to say my name, by all means ask. I just hate when people make up names for me or to GIVE me nick names. I think we should learn to NEVER do this to people. When people don’t give a good effort to try to learn my name I see them as lazy and very inconsiderate.

  32. dylankeene

    I have a different blog on Tumblr and spam is always being sent out the more that you post things and it is awful, and the worst part about it is that it isn’t even good spam. There is no consistency and no human aspect to it. Also, getting the name right is key. I know if someone sends me and email or writes me something and my name is spelled wrong then I am definitely inclined to not even be interested in it. To me I think that getting the name right is the most important. I mean if I make a point to know your name, shouldn’t you do the same?

  33. I agree about your comment “actions speak louder than words.” Your employer or co-workers may talk the talk, but a true leader actually walks their talk.

  34. I really liked the way you took the bigger step in this situation. Instead of doing what any annoyed person would do, you took the smarter route and remembered what to do in this position. I learned a lot from reading your reminders. If I am to ever encounter a situation like this, I will now know what to do..

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  36. I completely agree with this, especially about the adressing people as humans. I get so frustrated with emails that don’t make any reference to who they’re talking to. If I get an email that takes the time to say Dear Samantha,… I’m much more likely to read it.

    Another thing I would add to the part about being human is to have a method of reply. That is one thing that bothers me the most about spam email– half of them say “do not reply” in the subject line or somewhere in the email. That just lets me know I’m not communicating with a person.

  37. Spam emails are the worst, especially when you create a personal account or a work email, you don’t expect to get them. But when you do, they build and sometimes you really can fall for what they are sending. I agree with your ways of being careful and getting rid of them.

  38. I hate getting the same e-mails over and over again. I understand it’s someone’s job to send me an e-mail in order to get a response about their product or advertisement, but when I check my spam folder, it’s always the same place sending the same e-mail and I’m sure millions of other people get them too. “Hi Valued Customer!” You don’t even know my name, how valued can I be? I’ve gotten this same e-mail from you 700 times over the past year. When you don’t get a response after 350 e-mails and 6 months, I think it’s time to move on to better things.

  39. Getting the name right is a big deal, at least to me. If you can’t even spell my name then why should I continue reading your e-mail? Consistency is also very important. If you don’t like what you do, then you probably won’t be very apt to do it well. Without consistency, you are less likely to be successful.

    -Tess Kiser

  40. I know everyone hates spam, but just like Jordan commented, it is someones job to send that email to you. Yes, it is annoying. But I believe that if they did follow your few simple rules of etiquette they might actually reach someone and/or get a response. “Treat others as you would like to be treated” I love that you included this in your blog. This statement is so true for every aspect of life and work. Even spam emails 🙂
    Sincerely ,
    Samantha Minyard

  41. Jordan

    Although I totally agree spam is annoying, it is someone somewhere’s job to send that email. I think more importantly they are looking for a response to the email or ad they sent. But in order to get a response they should know your name, use correct email etiquette, and be consistent. If not, then why bother sending spam at all?

  42. I think that the biggest lesson that you mentioned was ‘Be Human.’ Whenever I see something along the lines of, “Customer, we have great news!” in my inbox, it immediately gets thrown into the trash bin. Anything that was obviously sent out in duplicates is not going to get more than 2 seconds of my time.
    I’m also a big fan of getting names right. I CONSTANTLY get called Sherry. Or Megan. But my name is neither of those. If I take the time to remember someone’s name, I would hope they do the same for me.
    I think you’ve covered the bases for the most part. These are valuable lessons to learn in PR.


  43. I completely agree that getting the name right, being consistent and remembering that were human are good reminders to have not just in PR, but in life. I love the comparison to spam because it is something I despise. Something that I would add is be open to diversity, just like spam, it does not discriminate. Any one and everyone receives spam and I believe getting comfortable with things different from you is a great concept to have in PR.

  44. Being consistent is a huge part of any job and so is knowing what you are good at. If you do what you know then you will succeed in it and people will know what you are capable of.

    Likewise, it is also good to know what you are not good at. Then you can ask for help and get better at your problem.

  45. I completely agree that getting the name right, having consistency, and being human are the most important aspect. I also believe that having credibility could also be added to this list. By sending a bunch of spam a product or company can lose its credibility among the masses.

    Ps. I love how u described the platinum rule, I believe it’s important for everyone in the PR business to adopt it.

  46. I totally agree with how you practice is how you play theory. This can be used in every aspect of life.

  47. I really like the tricks you talked about for remembering names. I plan to use them from now on to help me remember names.

    • I agree with everything that you have suggested to spammers. Especially the being human one.Since your targeting human at least you can do is act like you can relate.Being able to relate is one of the most important concepts when trying to sell a product or service. If your potential client or customer cant even understand where your client or customer cant even understand where your are coming from. It w hard will be extremely hard for you to get through to them.I would add anything to the tips you have presented here.