Would you wear this public relations t-shirt?

Public Relations t-shirt I bought at a retail store a few years ago.

Several years ago I picked up this t-shirt for $2 in what was then a well-known store.  I did not just pick-up one, but two of the t-shirts. ( I gave one to my boss.) As an educator I picked-up the t-shirt to use as an icebreaker with the introduction course to public relations. Besides, how many times do you see a non-sponsored t-shirt that boosts public relations? Even if I disagree with it. Now, the t-shirt is tacked on the bulletin board in my office and has transpired from a conversation starter in the classroom to a curiosity piece among office visitors. It is always interesting to see individuals initial reactions to the t-shirt when they visit my office. Some are perplexed, other laughs, and a few could careless about the t-shirt.

But I’d like to know what you think?  Would you wear this shirt? Why or why not? Are you offended or is the t-shirt just another reminder as to how public relations practitioners are portrayed/stereotyped by other industries?

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55 responses to “Would you wear this public relations t-shirt?

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  2. I would not personally wear this t-shirt out in public just because I have other t-shirts that I like better, but this shirt is an awesome conversation starter. I think the shirt is saying that men are out numbered by women in the PR world.(which is totally true).

  3. I would not wear this shirt. It somewhat offends me and also I do not like how it looks. This kind of shirt is not something that I would wear. However, I do think that this is an interesting take on what public relations is. I also think that the t shirt is somewhat funny. I strongly believe that most people do not really know what public relations is.

  4. Catherine McWalters

    I probably wouldn’t wear this shirt, not because it offends me but because I just don’t like the design, not my type of shirt. Like i said I dont think this shirt is offensive just because if you look past the genders portrayed, it is just representing what the general public thinks public relations is, a group of people who work in groups to promote a company. Nothing special right? The connotation the shirt portrays what public relations is is quite inaccurate but definitely entertaining. People can think whatever they want about the profession of PR but until they actually need us one day, I guess they will never understand it.

  5. semicolonsandellipses

    I could not wear this shirt. It goes against everything I stand for. Okay, not really. It’s a pretty interesting take on what public relations is. It’s grossly inaccurate, but interesting to say the least. Maybe those who really have no clue what public relations is (which is probably everyone in any other field) will think this is a correct depiction of the profession. It’s pretty scary. It was definitely worth the two dollars, but I’m hoping you bought the last two ever produced.

  6. I would wear this shirt….if I were still into graphic T’s… I think its pretty funny and could potentially bring some sort of attention to the field beside your occasional press conference.

  7. I don’t think I would wear this tshirt. I do not feel it is important to advertise the fact that the public relations industry is female dominated. Yes, this is true, but that could possibly discourage young men from wanting to become public relations professionals. I do not think the shirt is that funny in my personal opinion.

  8. coquinn

    I wouldn’t mind wearing the shirt. It is funny, but I don’t think a lot of people would het the joke. Maybe just on days that I have a PR class. It kind of looks like the guy is holding both of the ladies’ hands? As someone else stated, it reminds me of a public restroom sign!

  9. I for one wouldn’t wear the shirt because it looks kind of big and it isn’t that cute. However, I did find it sort of humorous though. Since there are more women than men in PR it makes sense. Oh, and it kind of makes the dude look like a pimp. But hey that’s cool as long as you don’t wear it to a really conservative place!

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  11. I wouldn’t wear the shirt out in public, but I do think it’s funny. It’s true that public Relations is a female dominated field. For the people who do not understand what public relations is, I think that they would get the wrong idea about the shirt and might find it offensive because they do not understand the joke behind it. But if people wear this shirt, it is a great way to get people talking and a way to educate people about the profession.

  12. I would wear this shirt. I just had a conversation about what public relations is and I realized that a lot of people don’t know what it really is. I think that the shirt would be a great conversation starter. Being a public relations major I think that it is good for us to talk to other people about what public relations is.

  13. I would wear the shirt. It’s simple and it leaves it’s meaning up to the imagination. PR is such social field and it does have more women than. PR connects people. I love the idea behind the shirt & I can see how you would use it as an icebreaker. More shirts like these should be created, I would definitely buy.

  14. I would definitely wear this shirt, but of course in the right setting. A lot of people might not get the joke behind it, but I’m sure anyone involved with PR would. I don’t think its offensive at all, and think it’s quite funny. I was also thinking the same exact thing as the comment above mine. It reminds me of resteroom pictures. Overall, I think it is funny because it is the truth about Public Relaion workers.

  15. The_Daily_Della

    I would definitely wear the shirt just like you stated before PR dont get much “love” like other professsions do. I think the only thing I would change is the graphic on the actually shirt just to make it look a little bit more modern because it do look like a restroom picture. Since PR is growing I hope more companys make a line of shirts just to continue to get PR out there.

  16. I do not believe this shirt is all that offensive. My only reason for not wearing the shirt is because it is personally not my taste to wear a shirt like that. But overall I think it is funny, like the person who commented first it does remind you of public restrooms.

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  18. I would totally wear this shirt! I feel like it is a good portrayal of PR. In my mind I imagine the guy not being popular with girls before but because of PR all the ladies want him. I think PR is the same way. Practitioners work so that the clients audience thinks the way they want them to think. PR is just like taking a “lame” boy and turning him into a handsome gentlemen. We work with the client and the public to maintain a positive opinion.

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  20. As others before me mentioned, the “female dominated industry” didn’t click for me when seeing this t-shirt. I wasn’t necessarily offended by it, but I would not wear it. As someone who has had my professional choices undermined because of images like this one, I don’t really find it funny. People I come in contact with have told me that I am too smart to be a publicist because all they are is hookers… What kind of message is this shirt sending to those who are as uneducated?

  21. I can’t say I would wear this shirt, but it’s spot on. It’s no secret public relations is majority female, but the picture conveys the obvious in a humorous way. I’d say maybe more appropriate for a magnet or sticker? Then I’d rep it, but not funny enough to wear!

  22. I wouldn’t wear this shirt since it’s not really my style. I do kind of understand the humor in it. The other thing is, I never thought that this shirt was saying anything about PR being a female-dominated profession, I just thought it was about a guy who is doing “PR” in his dating life… Maybe I’m confused. Final consensus: Don’t like the shirt, don’t hate it.

  23. I wouldn’t wear this shirt. Not necessarily because what the shirt is trying to communicate, but because it is a message tee. Only in middle school would I have probably worn this shirt. The shirt could be a little offensive if you really take it to heart, but I think it is pretty funny. Why get offended when it is actually clever to think of a man persuading both women to hold his hand at the same time. The only stereotype I believe this shirt represents is that people in public relations are clever and I am okay with being clever!

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  25. Great conversation starter!!! I would wear this shirt because public relations is a female dominated field and I love that! It shows that woman can be in a field other than nursing, or being an assistant or secretary to someone. I don’t think the shirt is offensive at all, people will always have different opinions on it though.

  26. I love this shirt. I think it’s really funny, and I am very proud to be in a female dominated field. So often you here words like fireman, police man, mail man, business man…yes you can replace man with woman…but clearly it is popular belief that men dominate these fields, and they do. To some this shirt may be offensive, and I could see why…BUT to me it’s empowering, it’s like “we run this show”


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  28. I can’t say that I would wear this t-shirt on a regular basis, I have enough clothes as it is. This shirt does not offend me in the least, I definitely see the humor in it. Some people are overly sensitive. I know that PR practitioners are already trying to fight off stereotypes but I can’t see how this one is that bad. It is a fact that women outnumber men in the public relations field. As a a woman I also find this shirt amusing because it is two women, holding a mans hand. To me it goes beyond the idea that women live in the shadow of a man, in fact I see it as men always have women holding their hands through life. From mom to wife to his PR firm there are always women there to support him. I think this a great shirt and I would definitely stop and talk to someone if i saw them wearing it.

  29. I just looked in my closet to change into some comfortable clothes for the rest of the night and in the bottom of the clothes I have hung up, I see a tupperware container full of t-shirts. I always tell myself I’m going to go through them and toss the ones that I don’t wear anymore or don’t really like but it never really happens because I’m somehow attached to each one in some weird way- I don’t think I’m at the point of calling Hoarders yet, but in a few years check back with me and we’ll see. However, the ironic thing about my attachment to my t-shirts is that out of the countless that I have I only seem to wear a solid eight or nine. So when I see a picture of another t-shirt and asked if I would wear it around, my fear of becoming a freak on the show Hoarders automatically makes me click ‘no’ on the questionnaire. As I begin to analyze and investigate the shirt more, I come to the conclusion that I made a very wise decision. The common stereotype of public relations practitioners is what media, and this t-shirt, portray; sucking up to various clients through sex appeals and glamor to get their money. As one of the five men in the class, I don’t think I would be very successful in the public relations field if sex appeal was one of the determining factors (even though someone sang the words, ‘I believe in miracles, you sexy thing’ to me once). Overall, I just think that I’m not going to wear a t-shirt of any field I wind up in for the future. Besides, I only have eight or nine t-shirts I actually wear anyways.

  30. In my opinion, I would not wear the t-shirt but I do believe this would make a great conversation starter! I do like the fact that it speaks the truth because there are more women than men in the public relations field. I do not find it offensive, but instead more humorous.

  31. Jaquaysha

    Personally no, I wouldn’t wear the shirt. I wouldn’t feel the need to broadcast my job. But I do not deem it unprofessional or or find how it would offend anyone in anyway. The only place where it would seem appropriate to wear it would be in a room full of public relations professionals with good sense of humor. But the shirt is true. We women dominate the job field.

  32. I would probably wear the t-shirt because it is a humerous way to show that there are more women than men in the PR field. I can see where it would be great conversation starter within a PR class or even in your office. A lot of different opinoins could be taken about this shirt.

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  34. I personally wouldn’t wear the shirt unless it was an icebreaker type thing in your case. I find the tshirt to be humorous. I’m not one to take much of a big deal out of things like these. I think its a good way to start a conversation to be honest. But hey, for $2, that’s a steal!

  35. I probably would’t wear this shirt because I have entirely too many t-shirts. I am literally laughing out loud at the comment that said “The artwork says ‘public lavatory’ but I’m not offended by it.” This sure does look like public lavatory! It also shows that the industry is dominated by women, but I think this is a funny way to make a joke out of it. I do not think the creator of this shirt intended to offend anyone, but more to get a laugh out of something that is so blatantly true. If I saw someone with this shirt on I would probably say something to them, therefore, as Tess said, this is definitely a conversation starter.

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  37. Would I wear this shirt out? NO. Would I wear it to sleep? maybe. I do not think this shirt is offensive at all. I interpret the shirt multiple ways. It can be seen as PR being a woman dominated field. It can also be seen as someone trying to keep everyone happy. Most people see PR practitioners as cut throat and looking out for themselves, which is kind of what the shirt is showing. If anyone gets offended by the t-shirt I would tell them to lighten up and take a joke.

  38. dylankeene

    As a guy I would not wear this shirt because it is just not my style. That being said I really don’t think that this is an offensive shirt at all. It states the obvious. Public relations is a female dominated career. If you are a guy why would you be complaining by being in a female dominates workplace? But I guess that is just my opinion.

  39. I would proudly wear this shirt. I do not see it as offensive to anyone. Yes, women are currently leading the PR industry, but there are also many areas in which men are the main leaders.

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  41. I most definitely would wear this t-shirt. I think that it is a great way to get the message out there that PR dominated by women, but not in an offensive way ( I personally was not offended by the shirt). I think that it is necessary to get the word out that PR needs to be diversified. It is doing fine the way it is, but I think that a lot could be gained by gaining different ethnic backgrounds, races, etc.
    -Brittany Forrester

  42. Honestly, when I see the shirt, the first thing I think of is not that women outnumber men in the field. I assume that other people outside of the field would interpret it differently as well. Just personally, I probably wouldn’t wear the shirt out, just because it seems to send the “party” reputation that we’re trying to move away from.

    Although, I could never resist a $2 shirt, so I probably would have purchased it too 🙂

  43. I hate that people are so sensitive about the messages that the shirt is “trying to send.” There are two ways it can be looked at, that women outnumber men in the field (how a PR major may interpret it), or the idea of having PUBLIC sexual RELATIONS (how people with no background in PR may interpret it). I mean, I’m sure it’s supposed to be a joke, but like Brittany said, the point of PR after all, IS to build and maintain healthy public relationships (hopefully not sexual ones, but whatever works for you). I would probably wear this shirt. I like things like this.

  44. britjolley

    I would definitely wear the t-shirt. I love thrift stores and any type of weird or unique t-shirt you may find. As Tess stated above, I think it serves as a great conversation starter. It is also sure to catch people’s eye. I wouldn’t mind someone stopping me and asking me what it means. Also, I don’t take the picture as offensive in the least. Instead, I see people holding hands of both sexes. I don’t view it as more females than males, but instead I feel like it represents the goal of what I feel public relations to be: to build and maintain healthy relationships, dealing with all types of diverse people. This could be career, ethnicity, sex, age, etc. Yes, public relations may be a female dominated field, but I’d be wiling to bet there are more male pilots than females and more male engineers than females. If someone had a shirt that said “Engineering” with the same sort of picture, except there were 2 males and one females, I would not be offended at all. That’s just a fact of life. The t-shirt will probably be interpreted differently by all who perceive it, but my general conclusion is that it’s just a t-shirt, and in no way does it display a defensive message.

    -Brittany Jolley

  45. I probably wouldn’t wear the shirt around, but what a great conversation starter! I don’t feel that there is any reason that anyone should be offended by this t-shirt. The shirt simply speaks the truth of the PR field. So what if females dominate the public relations field? The fact that the PR industry is female dominated is recognized every day, and I do not feel that the shirt was made to intentionally offend anyone.

    -Tess Kiser

  46. Jordan

    I think the shirt is funny, it is most definitely a conversation starter, and although it may reinforce some misconceptions about “PR people” I think it is also an opportunity to clear them up!

  47. By wearing that shirt, I would get some laughs out of some PR people, but what about the people who are truly ignorant of what Public Relations is all about? They would just stick that image of the two women to one man in the back of their heads, and that is what they would think when anyone said something about PR. “Oh, Public Relations…that ladies’ career.”

    Plus, I don’t make a habit of wearing shirts with stick people on them.


  48. I can say that I would more than likely wear this shirt. I can appreciate it for the humor that it provides but I find that It may be offensive to women. I can be taken as a way of endorsing individual’s inner conflict with chastity. I can say that it represents how women out number men in the profession but we must work together hand in hand.

  49. I would not wear the shirt. I personally do not like being a walking adverstisement for companies or careers. I think the shirt, in a rather humorous way, displays the “gender imbalance” that PR is known for. I am female, but I do not find the shirt offensive. I think its main purpose is to poke fun at a common theme that women dominate this field.

  50. realityoftoday

    I personally wouldn’t wear this shirt because it isn’t my brand of humor. That said, I don’t find it offensive, either–the ability to laugh at oneself, in my opinion, is a mark of good sportsmanship. I think this shirt displays an intentionally superficial understanding of public relations; by no means do I think the creators intended for the public to take it seriously. I think the existence of such a shirt does indicate that there’s a general confusion in media about the role of public relations practitioners, but I don’t think that the shirt itself truly contributes to it.

  51. Well the shirt for one is UGLY. so no. I would not wear it. As far as it being offensive, I think that people are just being overly sensitive. It is clearly a joke! as many offensive things that my favorite rap artist say and yet I STILL listen to it…. I think I can live with a bit of PR humor !

  52. I would wear this shirt. I don’t think it is offensive. I think it is just showing that women outnumber men 2 to 1 in the field of Public Relations.

  53. I wouldn’t mind wearing this shirt, because it simply states the truth that there are more females than males in the field of PR. Being a female I am proud that there is a leading industry that is dominated by females because we are better at solving variety of challenges, persuading, event planning, and are creative and sociable.

  54. The artwork says ‘public lavatory’ but I’m not offended by it. Indeed, the image represents my role as a (male) educator of (mainly female) students and young practitioners rather well.

    On what grounds are others offended, I wonder?