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Would you wear this public relations t-shirt?

Public Relations t-shirt I bought at a retail store a few years ago.

Several years ago I picked up this t-shirt for $2 in what was then a well-known store.  I did not just pick-up one, but two of the t-shirts. ( I gave one to my boss.) As an educator I picked-up the t-shirt to use as an icebreaker with the introduction course to public relations. Besides, how many times do you see a non-sponsored t-shirt that boosts public relations? Even if I disagree with it. Now, the t-shirt is tacked on the bulletin board in my office and has transpired from a conversation starter in the classroom to a curiosity piece among office visitors. It is always interesting to see individuals initial reactions to the t-shirt when they visit my office. Some are perplexed, other laughs, and a few could careless about the t-shirt.

But I’d like to know what you think?  Would you wear this shirt? Why or why not? Are you offended or is the t-shirt just another reminder as to how public relations practitioners are portrayed/stereotyped by other industries?

Take the poll and/or comment below!





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