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It’s time to blog!

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The new spring semester is underway and I am once again teaching Introduction to Public Relations. Students have established their accounts and are itching for something to write about. This semester I am going to provide all the blog topics on this one post, so check back periodically to see what is being discussed. As for my students, don’t forget to review your blog assignment sheet.

Topic(s) of the week– 1

How/when/where were you first exposed to public relations (or the concept of public relations)? Why did it attract your attention?


Which area of public relations are you most interested in (i.e. crisis planning, healthcare, financial relations, event planning, etc.) and why?

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Topic(s) of the week– 2

During a conversation you are asked, “What is public relations?”. How would you describe the field of public relations? What tangible items/activities/analogies would you use with your explanation?


It’s February, so let’s talk diversity. Consider the diversity, or lack thereof, in public relations. Read this blog post on PRSAY, or this one on COMMPRO.BIZ to see what others have said about diversity in public relations. What are some recruiting techniques that have worked in other areas that could potentially work to recruit minorities in public relations? Consider what attracted and kept you in the area.


Topic(s) of the week–3

Write a blog post making an analogy between public relations and something you are interested in (eg. sports, fashion, NASCAR, entertainment, etc.)


Think of a current campaign and discuss what you perceive as the public relations elements of the campaign. Why do you categorize those items as representative of public relations?


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