My Public Relations Wish List

The time of year has come for individuals to begin to write his or her wish list. Although sharing my wish list in a public format is not the norm, this year, I thought I would try something different. However, this wish list includes all the things I would like to have with respect to public relations. In my opinion, the opportunity to participate/obtain some of the below items will be helpful in my practice of the discipline.

Funds to attend one or both of the following conferences:

A closer PRSA chapter in Georgia  (USA):

If you work in public relations, or any profession rather, you understand the importance of being active within your professional organization. For me, the closest PRSA chapter is a three hour drive, thus limiting participation.

More good examples of public relations on TV

Granted, there are some good examples of various public relations activities on some of the fall television series (e.g. media relations in Blue Bloods and Criminal Minds, aspects of campaigns in The Good Wife, etc.).  However, the actors that perform these activities are not labeled public relations practitioners. I get it. The work of publicists (i.e. the canceled series Free Agents) is more glamorous than the work of a public relations practitioner.

A week day without hearing ” [insert name] is facing a PR issue.”

No, [insert name] is facing a moral, legal, ethical, business, family, etc. issue. Could they have handled things better? Sure. Did they make a mistake? Depends on your view. But lets not be so quick to label everything as a “PR issue.” Sorry, I digress.

Area Coverage:

I know you are wondering “What does this have to do with public relations?”, but hear me out.  Public Relations is one of many disciplines that rely on communications, regardless of whether the interaction is face-to-face or in a virtual domain. Thus, I would like to receive 4G coverage from my cellphone provider in effort to better assist me with the virtual communications aspect. Sure I could change providers, but I enjoy the relationship I have with my current company. At least most of the time.

Of course this list is my own, but I’d love to hear from you. What is on your public relations wish list?



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  1. I completely agree with all your points! In response to wanting to have a PRSA chapter closer to home is a definite need for practitioners in SE Georgia. And in response to wanting more Public Relations coverage on television…it looks like one of your wishes are granted because the new ABC show “Revenge” centers around a young woman who is a publicist who works with crisis communication- great show! You have an interesting PR wish list! Cant wait to start one of my own!

  2. Interesting PR wish list. I agree with having more examples of PR in in television. I feel as though some people don’t look at PR as if it is a real occupation or career and it is. I would also like to see it be treated as one. I also want to see more PR in smaller areas and towns as well. PR is not just a city thing, it’s an everywhere thing. PR practitioners also do a lot and they should be respected for what they do.

  3. I think your PR wish list was very interesting! I have a few that I would definitely want to see changing in the future too! 1. Like many others, I would love to see Public Relations practitioners represented better on television. The first example that comes to my mind is Samantha on Sex & the City. Her job seems so easy and glamorous when it is really nothing close to that. One thing I figured out over the years is how much writing goes into PR so that could be something shown more within job duties displayed on television. 2. I would love to see more job shadowing oppurtunities for PR students. I believe that one day following a professional in the PR field could teach you more than a months worth of sitting in class. Out of the many majors at Georgia Southern, Public Relations is something that is very hands-on and all universities should offer more interaction with professionals for their students. Another thing I would like to see happen is the Georgia Southern PRSSA chapter grow. Just being in the organization for a semester has taught me so much and has offered me so many oppurtunites. I went to the Real World Conference this past February and it was amazing. I definitely plan to attend as many as I can! These are the most important things I would like to see happen from my PR wish list.

  4. Just thinking about my PR wish list gets me excited! I want to do so much.

    1. I want to find a way to use PR to glorify God.
    I am in love with God! Being a Christian is a lifestyle for me! I want to use my major in some shape form or fashion to bring him glory!

    2. I want to get an internship with David Tutera.
    Oh goodness! This would bring me so much joy. I admire all that he does and it would be more than an honor to work with him.

    3. I want to open my own PR service/event planning company.
    Planning events and crisis management are my passions. If I could put those two together, that would be amazing.

    4. I want people to understand PR and stop looking at me like I’m crazy.
    Seriously, I want people to stop giving me the stank face.

  5. My wish list would be a public relation internship that deals with sports with a big football or basketball in Atlanta. I would also like to join PRSA to expand my network.

  6. To better prepare myself for the Public Relations field I have a small wish list as well.

    My Wishlist includes:

    1. Participating in my school newspaper to enhance my writing skills.
    2. Become a paid member of my college chapter of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America)
    3. Go to a PR conference with PRSSA
    4. Have a PR relating job or internship while I’m in school.
    5. Have a summer internship at a major PR firm.
    6. Network more with PR and Marketing people.

  7. I would LOVE to go to South by Southwest. It’s on my wish list too along with Comic Con and Cannes Film Festival. Next year I get to cross Dragon Con off my list! I love Trade Shows/ Conventions

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  9. kbantin

    I like your idea of doing a PR wishlist, although I dont know what I would put on it. I am not a PR major, so it is hard for me to decide. I do think more good examples are needed on TV of PR professions at work. I see event planning and publicists all the time but I rarely see any other jobs.

  10. PR is constantly growing and I think that all these “wishes” can help shape and modify many aspects of the PR field. On my PR wish list I would want to see more PR seminars and Public Relations specialist speakers. Many others fields such a business offer guest speakers in topics such as accounting, marketing, and human reasource management. I would want to hear more real-life stories of how public relations major got started in their career. I agree that if there was a closer PRSA chapter there would be more opportunities to get involved in your professional organization. Many writing workshops could be held, with pitch tips using helpful PR tatics.

  11. First of all, I LOVE that you mentioned Criminal Minds, as being a show that has a character that represents someone in the PR field! I have a serious Criminal Minds addiction and I love that character in particular!
    As for my PR wish list, I wish I had more time, correction… more finances available, to extend my current college career, so that I could major in PR AND Marketing! I love that PR professionals are hired to make a person/company look good to the public, but I am one of those people who would like to sometimes look past the ethics aspect of the profession. I’m more of a “the ends justifies the means” kind of person and I think I would have a hard time working for a company that valued complete and total honesty, over their reputation. If I’m going to make someone look good, I’m going to use every means available to do so. This leads to why I love Marketing. My dad has been in the Marketing field his entire life and whether good or bad, has taught me the importance of reading people and figuring out how to get into their minds. It’s all about selling a product, convincing people why the need it, and doing whatever it takes to get them to buy it. I like to get my hands dirty, so the thought of sitting at a desk, writing press releases every day terrifies me. I wish to find a job that allows me to be in the action, that challenges me to use my creativity; to solve problems.

  12. I agree with many of the other wish lists, and yours. I wish that the media would display public relations better on television as well. Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows, and although it doesn’t dipict exactly what Public Relations is, it does a better job than most television series. Another thing I wish is that we had more opportunities like we have in this class to get to talk to people who are actually in the field right now. It has been very beneficial to see how the individuals like their job and what they wish they would have changed if they had the chance. The last thing I wish is that there were more workshops and informational meetings we could go to that would help us decide exactly what we want to do when we graduate.

  13. 3.For my PR wish list 1.) I would like to have more opportunities for job shadowing and interning. I feel that this is so beneficial for PR majors to get this exposure in the field. I feel that until I get that hands on experience I will not know what actually happens day-to-day.
    2.) I would like more PR conferences and workshops for those in the major. I would like to go to a conference to understand what employers want, and how to be successful in PR.

  14. davia woulard

    For my PR wish list 1.) I would like to have more opportunities for job shadowing and interning. I feel that this is so beneficial for PR majors to get this exposure in the field. I feel that until I get that hands on experience I will not know what actually happens day-to-day.
    2.) I would like more PR conferences and workshops for those in the major. I would like to go to a conference to understand what employers want, and how to be successful in PR.

  15. For my wish list, I think that it would be nice to have more public relation activities locally that college students can we involved in. I think it would be a good experience for us and would look great on our resume. I agree with you, I would also like better representation on television and in the media as well.

  16. For my PR wish list I first also want 1.) more good examples of public relations on TV and in the media period. I’m so tired of the bad representation. I’m not a PR major but communications as a whole isn’t taken seriously enough and mainly because people are ignorant to what actually is included in our work. It’s not just a big party. 2.) More education. As I mentioned before I am not a PR major but I am interested in learning more in regards to it and incorporating the skills learned in the work field.