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My Public Relations Wish List

The time of year has come for individuals to begin to write his or her wish list. Although sharing my wish list in a public format is not the norm, this year, I thought I would try something different. However, this wish list includes all the things I would like to have with respect to public relations. In my opinion, the opportunity to participate/obtain some of the below items will be helpful in my practice of the discipline.

Funds to attend one or both of the following conferences:

A closer PRSA chapter in Georgia  (USA):

If you work in public relations, or any profession rather, you understand the importance of being active within your professional organization. For me, the closest PRSA chapter is a three hour drive, thus limiting participation.

More good examples of public relations on TV

Granted, there are some good examples of various public relations activities on some of the fall television series (e.g. media relations in Blue Bloods and Criminal Minds, aspects of campaigns in The Good Wife, etc.).  However, the actors that perform these activities are not labeled public relations practitioners. I get it. The work of publicists (i.e. the canceled series Free Agents) is more glamorous than the work of a public relations practitioner.

A week day without hearing ” [insert name] is facing a PR issue.”

No, [insert name] is facing a moral, legal, ethical, business, family, etc. issue. Could they have handled things better? Sure. Did they make a mistake? Depends on your view. But lets not be so quick to label everything as a “PR issue.” Sorry, I digress.

Area Coverage:

I know you are wondering “What does this have to do with public relations?”, but hear me out.  Public Relations is one of many disciplines that rely on communications, regardless of whether the interaction is face-to-face or in a virtual domain. Thus, I would like to receive 4G coverage from my cellphone provider in effort to better assist me with the virtual communications aspect. Sure I could change providers, but I enjoy the relationship I have with my current company. At least most of the time.

Of course this list is my own, but I’d love to hear from you. What is on your public relations wish list?




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