Topic(s) of the Week-5

Why I will/will not use StumbleUpon/Twitter/Posterous/Facebook/Diggs/Google Reader (insert social media platform of your choice)… and why. (You only need to choose one social media platform to discuss.)


Think about the last five movies/concerts you saw. How did you find out about them? (Poster? Word of mouth? Newspaper/Magazine advertisement? Facebook fan page? Emailed newsletter, etc.) Some individuals dismiss traditional public relations and advertising, but what’s your experience?

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  1. I this blog post is very thought provoking. I’m a Facebook guy because its real easy for me to conduct business and get a lot of information out to all of my students at one time without sending a ‘lame ass’ email. I still don’t know what Posterous, and Diggs is but I do have a Twitter (note that I didn’t say use) and I have to use Google Reader for different things my boss sends me. And for the reflection question, I can’t even recall the last five movies and/or concerts I have been to.