What would you research?

Once again this semester I am using a learning journal in the Public Relations Research course as a way to a) get students to reflect on their participation in the course and b) for me to gauge if they are grasping course concepts. Upon completion of a course lecture a few weeks past I asked students the following question: “If you could research anything, what would you research?.” Needless to say the answers ranged from serious to humorous to somewhere in between. Here’s a glimpse of some of the responses.

  • Are various sports rigged for entertainment purposes?
  • Do public or private universities produce more students who get jobs immediately after graduation?
  • How WAS Tupac Shakur killed?
  • What’s the best diet on a college budget?
  • Why is college tuition constantly rising?
  • Whether or not UFO’s really exist.
  • Why most college students are not interested in church or Christian activities.

Needless to say I enjoyed reading their responses. Some of them were quite the shocker. But now it’s your turn to participate, so I ask, “If you could research anything, what would you research?”.




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50 responses to “What would you research?

  1. If I could research anything I would research the effects of advertising on people.

  2. If I could research anything it would be the amount of money made in the fast food industry! I would also like to figure out what diseases or problems are associated with certain restaurants.

  3. If I could research anything it would be Illuminati. I want to know how real it is and how much it affects our daily lives.

  4. If i had the opportunity to research anything. I would research commercials. I love them, and hate them. It would be really great if Georgia Southern offer a course strictly involving commercials.

  5. If i had the opportunity to research anything, I don’t really even know if I could name everything i wanted to know about. I wish there was a class just dedicated to girls and dealing with boy issues. I’m not a drama queen by any means but its always good to hear your girlfriend’s perspectives. I would like to knit pick the male’s mind and see what the heck goes on in there.

  6. oliviaclements

    If I had the opportunity to research anything, It would be to find out if there is really a cure for cancer. It’s strange to think that the government is putting countless amounts of funding into developing nuclear weapons, yet we can’t analyze the malfunction and reproduction of a cancer cell. Is this related to the world “over population” scare? Is this a survival of the fittest approach? I would be interested in finding out.

  7. If i could research anything I would research something like how were the pyramids made? I think that we all want to know how the pyramids and other things were created way back when w/o modern day technology.

  8. If I could research anything I think I would research sleep patterns and dreams. I’m sure all of us want to know about our dreams. Why do we dream? What do our dreams mean? Am I getting enough sleep? These are types of research I would want to learn more about. I personally having trouble falling asleep. I know that most average college students don’t have “normal” sleeping patterns but, I need my sleep! I want to reasearch more about this topic because I also wonder if its hereditary.

  9. Asia Anderson

    I am the type of person that once I find interest in something, I like to know about it all. Recently, I have been interested in children psychology and how children are influenced by behaviors around them and how it influences the children’s minds and their values. I find this interesting because as I watch children in our society, they seem to need to have better guidance to create better values and morals.

  10. I’m not much for researching anything that is not sports related. But if I had to research anything that is not sports related it is history, specifically history that is part of my heritage such as my family tree (For example – I am kin to St.Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright and kin to Paula Dean by marriage). I am intrigued by national history and was able to walk through the White House a few years ago. History sometimes repeats itself and it is sometimes awing to see it happen and know that it’s not the first time.

  11. I am actually one of the very few, unusual young adults that really enjoys doing research. It is actually one of my favorite ‘closet nerd’ things to do on the weekends and holidays away from school. If I could research anything I wanted, and actually put that research to use as an assignment, I would investigate the effects of teaching babies at earlier ages, and if it can actually lead to child geniuses. I have twin siblings that are three years old. Lily is testing right where she should be at three years old, but Nathan has been enrolled in a progressive school testing on a first grade level… at three years old! He can already read, spell, and knows some Spanish and sign language. My mom used the ‘Your Baby Can Read’ method on both of the twins when they were one year old, but Nathan took to it and, in our case, benefited from it greatly. I’m fascinated by how he has turned out so far and would like to learn more about how and why this works; as well as, could it work for any child.

  12. ln00219

    If I could research anything, I would research how people’s dreams died. For instance, when I was young, my dream was to play for Florida State or LSU and then go into the NFL and play for either Atlanta, Chicago, or New England, but that dream died in high school when I was the shortest lineman on the team, turns out no college wants a lineman under 6′, who knew.

  13. If I could research anything I would research ninjas and martial arts. I have a huge interest in ninjas and their art. I enjoy watching movies that consist of martial arts and ninjas. I even have my own ninja shirt lol. I would enjoy looking into the history of ninjas.

  14. J P

    If I could research anything right now, it would be on my family history. I would like to know my true lineage and see how far my family tree goes. From what my mother and grandfather has told me over the years that we have Native American family (really we should be registered but my grandfather will not do it -___-) My grandmother says we have connections to Irish bloodline as well. But I think that it would be awesome to know if i could be a 30th cousin of some royalty or someone great before i was born. I do know for a FACT that Bret Favre is my distant cousin, I can claim him all day but no one ever believes me when I tell them this *shrugs* lol

  15. Hillary Millard

    If I could research anything right now it would be the history of Christmas and how Santa Clause and all that came about. I love the holidays and always enjoyed the magical side to it growing up. I have a younger brother who still believes in Santa so at my house during the holidays, it is still very fun for us to keep his beliefs alive. I would just like to know when and how all this side to Christmas began. I feel like this tradition is a world wide one for children and families so I think it is just amazing how something can spread like that!!

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  17. If I could research anything, it would probably the evolution of the pin up, ranging from the early 20th century until now. I really like rockabilly culture, and it is heavily influenced by pin ups, especially the 1940s-early 1960s era pin up. I think it would be interesting to compare the origin to its “prime” to what pin up means now. I could factor in the media’s role in the image, comparing when the media only consisted of newspaper and radio to today’s Internet age.

    -K. Landress

  18. I think if I could research anything in the world it would be the history and construction of Biltmore Estates in Ashville, NC. I am very passionate about history and the Biltmore House is my favorite place in the world. Every time I go on a tour there I hang on every word that comes out of the tour guide’s mouth. That estate is absolutely fascinating to me. The extravagance and historical significance of the home amazes me to no end. I wonder if they need a PR intern…

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  20. Subjects to research: College Students with ADHD the interaction between student and professor, Fair tax what it really would entail for the US to implement such a law, and education: how children react to interactive teaching, like using music to teach basic math.

  21. If I could research anything, it would be psychology of the individual and society. I find it incredibly interesting how the brain works and what makes people do the things they do. I would also be very curious to know about the psychology of society. And by this I mean, why is it that women wear makeup and dresses, and men have facial hair and wear pants? I think it would be fascinating to learn where these social norms came from. What if it was different? I think finding the answer to these questions would be interesting for anyone. Other aspects of it like why certain colors and shapes affect us the way they do and things like that might be fun to research as well.

  22. If I could research anything it would be a cure for Caner. I feel that there is some way to find a cure because we have all this technology that does all different kinds of things BUT we cannot find find a cure? It just seems that there is so much that we are capable of doing but we are not able to cure a disease that is killing SO many people. It just bothers me. I have lost two family members and some friends to this disease so it really means a lot to me. I would just like to see what research has accomplished so far and help contribute something to this deadly disease taking so many loved ones from us.

  23. kellywinkler

    If I could research anything it would be what careers are suited for certain personality types. You are asked from a young age what you want to do in life and it varies after a couple years. You might say you want to be a doctor then later change to be a police officer. Once you are in high school, people expect you to know what you are going to do with your life. Often times then most in college students change their major at least once, because they realize they do not have interest in the subject. I think it would be very useful if there were more information to help determine what jobs are suited for people, instead of having to constantly test something and find out it was not for you.

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  25. ndemarko

    I must have missed this blog post earlier in the semester but now that I see it, I have to say it is an interesting topic. After thinking for a while, if I could research anything I would want to examine the affect of divorce and children. I know this subject has been studied before, but recently affected by divorce, this subject has me extremely curious. I have seen changes in myself and I’m 20 years old. I wonder about my sibling. I wonder about other children and the degree of divorce the have expereinced. I wonder about my friends who have told me their stories. I wonder… I think it would be interesting to examine my family dynamic closer and unearth answers to questions I seek. Just a thought…

  26. If I could research anything I guess I would research the flow of money and its distribution. I want to look at where exactly the U.S puts and gets money if that makes sense because I feel we do ALOT of unnecessary thing. It kind of goes with what someone stated above saying that they would research why and how the world lets some societies exist with starvation and others with abundance. Me and a friend actually had a conversation the other day about how it’s so important to meet our wants (not needs) in the U.S. and we go OVER the top to make those things happen but there are other countries and even communities here in the U.S. that are beyond struggling and can’t even meet basic needs. I understand things won’t be perfect and I don’t expect it to be but I would like to personally look deeper into it.

  27. If I could research anything it would be what really is the best diet on a college student? this is something I think a lot of students have issues with. I would like to find ways on how we can turn unhealthy dishes like Ramen and make them healthy as well as tasty. The best way to go about it would be surveys on what methods work for other students as well as trail and error of different routines.

  28. Oddly enough, I’m curious to know how many single dads there are in America and compare the statistics here to other countries.

    But the reason is simple really: You see so many single moms who have to take care of the kids because the dad ran off on them or some other lame excuse. But what about single dads? I’m pretty sure that there are a lot. Maybe not as many as single moms, but a lot. But no one really pays attention to them. The first time people really paid attention to single dads was after the movie Kramer vs. Kramer. It was the first of it’s kind and very controversial at the time. But why? Why should it be controversial that a man has to raise one child, or two children, etc?

    That’s why I’d want to know how many single dads there are in America. Not necessarily for my own benefit, but to bring it to the attention of the general public. The fact that single dads struggle too. Maybe their wife left THEM or they just love their children so much that they can’t part with them. Or, my favorite, a widower. Poor guys. 😦

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  30. alexis6164

    If I could research anything, I would research the human heart in the figurative and literal sense. Many emotions can are suppose to be connected to your heart health and even your general demeanor. In some cases, humans like other animals have died of natural causes after their mate has passed on as if they could not go on without them.

    I would also, like to research a cure for glaucoma. This is something close to my heart because my mother actually has had it over 20+ years and it would be great for her to see life as it goes on around her.

    And l would like to research how to stop harm to the Earth with overpopulation and overuse of our limited resources. We only have one world and many people do not take it seriously due to they only care about what they have now and not preserving for tomorrow.

    Nevertheless, my last research is for some type of technology so that humans can communicate to animals.That way we can have a corresponding conversation with them. It can be on an academic level, leisure, or even a liaison effort so that we can stop assuming we are doing something for their better such as cutting down their homes.

  31. Robert Jaracz

    I would research if certain sports are “rigged” for entertainment purposes, and I would have to say yes is the answer to that question. Just take college football for example. Their is a BCS ranking system that ranks teams in a certain way and is not objective to how a team plays. It only focuses on wins and losses, along with other criteria. I actually feel that the rankings are influenced to hype up and coming games. So say instead of a #5 team playing an unranked opponent, it is a #5 team playing a #24 opponent and at the end of the year that win is weighted more because they were ranked at the time. I feel this happens in other sporting events as well, like the Patriots in the 2002 AFC championship game, the infamous “tuck rule” game. Tom Brady clearly fumbled and it wouldve put the Oakland Raiders into the super bowl but since 9/11 happened America was ruiting for the “Patriots” to win it all as a metaphorical triumph of America through tough times. The NFL clearly would’ve benefitted with more viewers with the Patriots in the game instead of the Raiders. This would be a good study and an interesting one if deemed true. This study needs to be done.

  32. If I could research anything, I would research why and how the world lets some societies exist with starvation and others with abundance. I would try to learn about strategies to “share the wealth” and hope to figure out what issues can be fixed to better those who are in need and take little or no effort from societies who are thriving.

    To me, this would be the most beneficial research I could think of for the world. Of course researching disease is extremely beneficial, but hunger is still surging in some regions. I believe that small steps can make a huge difference in the lives of millions.

  33. I am assuming that most everyone has heard about 2012 being the end of the world. I wanted to research this topic, because I find it to be intriguing and also somewhat horrifying.

    The ancient Maya prophets foretold an earth-shattering happening to occur December 21, 2012. This predicted phenomenon gets described in contradictory but often cataclysmic fashion–as an ecological collapse, a sunspot storm, a rare cosmic conjunction of the earth, sun, and the galactic center, a new and awesome stage of our evolution, and even a sudden reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field which will erase all our computer drives. In sum, the world as we know it will suddenly come to a screeching halt. Pretty scary right?

    Hollywood came out with a movie over this debated argument. The movie 2012, starring John Cusack, was released in 2009. The plot follows Jackson Curtis, John Cusack, as he attempts to bring his children, Noah and Lilly (Liam James and Morgan Lily respectively), ex-wife Kate Curtis (Amanda Peet) and her boyfriend, Gordon Silberman (Thomas McCarthy) to refuge and attempt to escape the heightened change in the elements. The film includes references to Mayanism, and the 2012 phenomenon in its portrayal of cataclysmic events unfolding in the year 2012.

    Like I said, to me, this is a very scary topic, but it is one that is debated every single day. And until that day has come and gone, I am sure that there will be many people living in fear because of it.

  34. Space. The final frontier. I am fascinated with outer space. Everything from black holes to planets and moons to theoretical physics. I originally wanted to major in either physics or astronomy, but the fact is, I hate math with a burning passion. I have seen all of the TV shows about space, but I feel like there is more I need to know other than just the results of years of study that end up on TV. For instance, the sun produces more energy in one second than the earth has ever produced. But a supernova can produce more energy in one second than the sun will in its lifetime. How did they come up with that statement? My research would be on cosmic phenomena because we have no idea how the universe really works and I would like to know more about where we live.

  35. If I had the time to research anything I wanted I would probably research conflicts in communication between friends. I have taken several communication courses this semester, and my interest has peaked in questioning the reasons behind specific communication processes. Being a college student with two other roommates I’ve come across many different people with different forms of communicating during conflict. I would like to research the reasoning behind the different forms of conflict communication. Why are some people aggressive communicators while others are completely submissive in conflict? This topic has become increasingly interesting to me and I would love the opportunity to conduct research on it.
    -S. Russell

  36. piperellice

    If I could research anything, I would research how to find a cure for diabetes and other endocrine related issues. I personally have been diagnosed with both Hypothyroidism and Insulin Resistance throughout my life, and would love to find a way to cure those diseases for myself and others. While it is not necessarily a dibilitating issue, it is a high mantinence one that I feel like someday could be solved.

  37. sharding12

    If I had the free time to research anything I wanted, I would research places to visit around the world. I want to travel to so many places already, and I know I could find a thousand more. The world is such a huge and fascinating place, and I’m not content to stay in Statesboro missing out on all the world has to offer. First and foremost I want to visit Ireland and Scotland, because that’s where my ancestors came from. But after those countries it’s all a big blur of forests and waterfalls, canyons, beaches, mountains, and ancient ruins. I want to see Rome and Venice, and Sydney. I’d even love to see Moscow, but being a lover of warm weather, I couldn’t go in the middle of winter 🙂 There is so much to see and learn, so if I could spend my time researching anything, that’s what it would be.

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  39. If I could research anything, it would be how the process a person goes through to reach fame. Since I’m interested in entertainment PR, I aspire to be a celebrity publicist. I might start out as a talent agent or manager and just progress my way up the career ladder. I’ve always been intrigued on how an individual actually becomes famous. Is it based solely on their looks? Does it all depend on who you know? Does it take genuine talent? Who is really doing all the work? I don’t know, I guess I just watch too much E! True Hollywood Story, it’s just fascinating to me. It might sound too cliche, but I will spend minutes scrolling through various stories on Perez and Yahoo stories. I follow the majority of Hollywood on Twitter and I stay constantly up to date. To actually be involved in the process of a person’s acting or music career would just be totally awesome.

  40. If I was asked to research anything and learn a lot about it, I would research the top ten jobs that people get when graduating with a public relations degree. I think this would be very interesting to learn about. I also think it would help me to figure out all of the options I am able to choose from with a public relations degree. I am still undecided on what I would describe to be my optimal “dream job” and I believe this would help me to decide and work to achieve my goals.

  41. If I could research anything, I would research the top places to see and what to do in Europe. This is particular interesting to me right now because I will be living in Europe for six months next semester. I love to travel, and I want to make sure that while I am abroad I go to all the most interesting and historical places. This is actually something that I have already begun to research and will be continuing to research more. Italy is the country that I feel like will be my favorite, and it has a lot of cities that I want to visit. I plan on spending a lot of time there, but I need to use that time wisely to be able to make it to all the places I have researched and want to travel to. I would also research what people in the various countries in Europe like to do when they have vacations and where they go. I want to immerse myself in their culture, so I will spend some time researching what it is people in Europe enjoy doing, particular Austrian people, since Austria is where I will be living.

  42. If I could research anything, it would be unicorns. I know this sounds like a joke, but I am genuinely interested in them and if they have ever really existed. I would research when people started to talk about them and if there is any real evidence that they have existed. Unicorns have intrigued me ever since I was a little kid. I never wanted a pet pony; I always wanted an awesome unicorn with a rainbow mane. I have never invested research in to the topic though, so I have a lot of questions.

  43. If I could research anything, it would be why people choose their major and what they want to do with that particular major. I feel like the major you choose and the job you want to do with it tells a little about who you are and your personality. A people person wouldn’t choose to be in a major that didn’t interact with others and an outdoor, hands on enthusiast wouldn’t pick a major that has a desk job. I think it would be interesting to hear the different responses and possibly even learn about majors I didn’t realize existed.

  44. If I could research anything, it would be what made people happy and their pursuit of that happiness and how they measured success. I think that those questions are the most intriguing, and I think that the responses you would get would differ so much.

  45. If I could research something, I would research Crohn’s disease. I have a family member who was just diagnosed with this disease that will be a lifelong illness that she will have to deal with.
    1) Since a person is not born with it, what is the certain thing that triggers the disease?
    2) What types of medications really work?
    3) What types current research is going on that could come up with a cure?

  46. If I could research something, it would be a cure for breast cancer because I lost a family friend from breast cancer when I was a senior in high school. It was very difficult to deal with because we did not know that she had cancer and she was very reluctant to go to a doctor(s) to see what was wrong. One day the pain was unbearable and she asked someone to take her to the emergency room, but the cancer had become so vigorous and uncontrollable by this time, that there was no good news coming from the doctor’s report. They told us and her family that she had until the end of the week to live and that Sunday afternoon, she died whiile I was talking to her and holding her hand. she seemed calm, but we know that she had been battling this disease for a while. Finding cures for terminally ill patients is something that i would like to help research and accomplish before I die.

  47. gb1990

    If I had to research something, it would be something that will affect everybody. Here are a few key sources:

    > What is the cure for AIDS?
    Right now, as we speak, the number one epidemic worldwide is AIDS and it’s still a force to be reckon with. I’m not a doctor nor a physician, but I’m willing to end this disease by networking scientists, alchemists, and doctors from all over the world to find the cure. By the help of the people, AIDS can be cured if we have the right protection and support.

    > Who’s responsible for the killings of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.?
    After over a decade, speculations are still wavering on who killing the 2 legendary rappers. Some say that these shootings are linked and say it’s was a set up in the Los Angeles Police Department; where both Tupac and B.I.G. were killed. My mission, re-open the case of BOTH rappers until a confession is made.

    >Lastly, and the important research of them all: How DID Stella got her groove back? Where have all the cowboys gone? How do you talk to an angel? and Who REALLY let the dogs out?
    It’s all a mystery, but someone has to solve it, right?