Topic(s) of the Week-3



Write a blog post making an analogy between public relations and something you’re interested in (eg. traveling, sports, decorating, etc.)


Compare and contrast public relations and publicity, with real examples of each.





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2 responses to “Topic(s) of the Week-3

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  2. Every week we have been assigned a blog post topics, one always appeals to me far more than the alternative. Since finishing up my blogging, and looking back over the original options; I have noticed that now I feel I could respond to both options confidently. The options provided for our third topics caught my attention specifically.
    For the my third topic of the week I choose to write one the first topic—creating an analogy between public relations and something I am interested in. I ended up comparing Public Relations to Dating (at Southern specifically), which is not always the most enjoyable activity. Initially, I was trying to compare Public Relations to Sports (both specific sports, and sports in general), after exhausting my efforts I gave up that analogy entirely. The only similarity between sports and Public Relations I could identify at the time (obviously prior to the Penn State crisis) was the strategic aspect of PR being comparable to the plays used in football.
    In the midst of checking out your blog over the course of the semester, I discovered Professor Groover’s WordPress, “Adventures in PR,” and felt that an image she posted grasped the difference between Publicity and Public Relations.