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Topic(s) of the Week-5

Why I will/will not use StumbleUpon/Twitter/Posterous/Facebook/Diggs/Google Reader (insert social media platform of your choice)… and why. (You only need to choose one social media platform to discuss.)


Think about the last five movies/concerts you saw. How did you find out about them? (Poster? Word of mouth? Newspaper/Magazine advertisement? Facebook fan page? Emailed newsletter, etc.) Some individuals dismiss traditional public relations and advertising, but what’s your experience?


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Movies for public relations students

I, like most people, enjoy a good movie. I even have a backlog of movies I want to see once time allows.  Some of the movies on my “to-see” list are for pure enjoyment, but some of them, I hope, can be incorporated into one or more of my public relations courses. Many professors, and professionals, recognize the impact of the character Samantha Jones from Sex & City. (I’ll admit, I still have yet to watch this movie and have only seen a handful of TV episodes.)  Yet, there are some better options available. I asked, via twitter, for individuals to share what movies they feel all public relations students, or those interested in public relations, should view.  I’ve embedded the trailers for their suggested movies/movie clips below. (I can say I have seen all, but one, of the suggested movies. YEAH!)

I know area of public relations expertise plays a significant role in deciding to show or not show a movie in class. However, what are some additional movies, or movie clips, that students new to the public relations major should view?



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Topic(s) of the Week-4

Find and embed a video clip in your blog post that highlights elements of persuasion and/or propaganda. Discuss the various elements with respect to the video. Is the video effective or ineffective?


Discuss an organizations current conflict situation. Is their response appropriate? What should they continue to do, or not do?

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What would you research?

Once again this semester I am using a learning journal in the Public Relations Research course as a way to a) get students to reflect on their participation in the course and b) for me to gauge if they are grasping course concepts. Upon completion of a course lecture a few weeks past I asked students the following question: “If you could research anything, what would you research?.” Needless to say the answers ranged from serious to humorous to somewhere in between. Here’s a glimpse of some of the responses.

  • Are various sports rigged for entertainment purposes?
  • Do public or private universities produce more students who get jobs immediately after graduation?
  • How WAS Tupac Shakur killed?
  • What’s the best diet on a college budget?
  • Why is college tuition constantly rising?
  • Whether or not UFO’s really exist.
  • Why most college students are not interested in church or Christian activities.

Needless to say I enjoyed reading their responses. Some of them were quite the shocker. But now it’s your turn to participate, so I ask, “If you could research anything, what would you research?”.



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Topic(s) of the Week-3



Write a blog post making an analogy between public relations and something you’re interested in (eg. traveling, sports, decorating, etc.)


Compare and contrast public relations and publicity, with real examples of each.





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