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Topic(s) of the Week -2

Discuss the relationship between public relations and journalism, and how that relationship is changing due to the demise of journalism.


Discuss a current ethical lapse in the public relations industry.




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Topic(s) of the Week

This semester the Introduction to Public Relations course is blogging every other week. Last week comments were made regarding blog topics to begin the semester and it is now time to blog.

There is something that draws everyone to pick their field of interest and public relations is no different.  This week we are going to focus on the portrayal of public relations to the public. Pick one of the following topics to begin your blogging journey.

  • What are some myths and preconceptions of the field of public relations? Why do you think they exist?


  • Analyze the portrayal of a public relations practitioner from a current movie or television series. (Consider the different public relations models.)

Even if you are not in the class, feel free to weigh-in on the topics above in the comment section.

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