Wanted: Blog topics for Intro to Public Relations

This semester I have the privilege of teaching Introduction to Public Relations, also referred to as Principles of Public Relations. A new semester calls for some new ideas. So what are some blog topics students should tackle this semester to voice their insights about the growing field of public relations? Let your voice be heard!


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  3. I think it would be interesting to discuss why we chose our PR majors (or minors). For those who that does not apply to could talk about why they chose to take the class. This information would be helpful when our department reaches out to high school students or freshmen.

  4. A topic that I would pick would be…How would a PR Practioner handle college athletics, the scandal, the amount of respect that certain sports command, and how to make everything seem fair to the everyday student.

  5. Urkovia Andrews

    Thanks to everyone for their input. We have some great topic suggestions that we will be using for blog entries this semester.

  6. topics of interest:
    social media and celebrities, and how it affects them negatively
    Should collegiate athletes be paid?
    Do paparazzi go to far?

  7. I would like to discuss what emilyglass posted earlier, about if social networking sites like facebook and twitter have a relationship with PR.

  8. One topic should be discussing what our aspirations and goals will be after we graduate. Possibly where we want to get a job, in what organization, what we want to ideally do, etc.

  9. Discussing PR moves in sports and how they affect the image of the sport/players.

  10. ndemarko

    Being a junior, most of my classes are all focused on my major. My major is Jounrnalism and minor is Public Relations. Just about every single day in one of my classes social media is brought up. Honestly, with the way technology is advancing I feel like this is a topic that should be discussed and explored. Social media affects so many jobs fields. I noticed a comment above that mentioned the relationshp with the Public Relations community. I think we could discuss who is involved in what media (possible take polls), why they are involved, and how they use it. Then we could take a look at employers in PR and see how they use it as well. Exploring it from all sectrums could give a clearer vision of these tools.

  11. I think we should discuss and research on all the various options for jobs that we could possibly have with a PR degree. Many of us I’m sure, like myself, are new to this major and would like to explore what it is exactly that we could do in this field rather than some of the things you’ve mentioned in class. It’s such a broad field and I believe there’s much more to it than just being in the spotlight or eye of the media. What behind the scene jobs are available for the more non-verbal or shy people that still consider themselves a good attribute to the world of PR?

  12. I think it would be interesting to discuss the relationship between social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and their relationship to the PR community. Do they help or hurt?

  13. I think it would be intersting to see what students are doing to set themselves apart from everyone else. I like to see and learn everyone’s goal in life and what they are doing now to achieve these goals after we are out of college.

  14. I would like to discuss how a PR resume should look, as well as going more in depth about specific career choices under each section of PR.

  15. Maybe, the students can blog an interview with a PR professional that is in the area(s) that they the student is interested in pursuing.

  16. topics of interest:

    Resume creation (making yourself look good on paper.)

    Social media (how it can work for you & against you)

    LinkedIn (how it is viewed)

    Internship preparation(how to interview, look for locally, etc.)

    Different types of PR (i.e. Healthcare, Entertainment, Book Publishing, Financial, etc.)

    tactful ways to handle difficult clients

  17. In our Public Relations class this semester I would like to learn more about how Marketing and Public Relations differ, and also what does your resume need to consist of in order to be a good employer candidate?

    Jasmine Fillmore

  18. I would like to discuss careers and aspirations in Public Relations. Seeing as how we watched various clips of how PR is portrayed in the media today in class, we should all blog about why we chose to major/minor in PR and what our ultimate dream career(s) would be. We could also discuss what company or organization we would like to represent.

  19. Adam Jameson

    More in depth reasoning behind gender gap in PR field. Why ARE there more women than men?

  20. Relationship between PR and journalism; how that’s changing due to demise of journalism

    Compare and contrast PR and publicity with (real) examples of each

    Case studies from PR history

    Hope these help!

  21. Start with myths and preconceptions. In my experience, first year students are not concerned with issues like spin or manipulation, but they have some unrealistic expectations of public relations formed from media portrayals. In other words, they have too positive a view of PR. Besides, Samantha Jones was not a real person.

    • Urkovia Andrews

      Thanks. I hadn’t thought about the fact that they have too positive a view of PR. Although I do thank the various reality public relations shows and movies for their help in recruitment. 🙂