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5 Public Relations lessons from death

I remind my students all the time that you can practice public relations in any industry. I try to think outside the box with guest speakers and the last one I had was the public relations director for a local funeral home. Yes, a funeral home. Since then, I’ve been thinking about not only her talk with the students, but various public relations lessons that can be learned from death.

Your reputation is immortal– What will people say about you? How will they remember you? What adjectives will they use to describe the type of person, boss, employee, etc., you were? Are those words accurate?

Your reputation precedes you- Actions speak louder than words. Have you Googled yourself lately? What will potential employers, and current employers, think about what they find? Or don’t find?

Be prepared- As morbid as this sounds, we prepare for our death. Think about it. We buy life insurance, write a living will, become organ donors, etc., to relieve the burden of departure on our family. Why not do the same with your job? Write constantly, learn new skills, and participate in various public relations activities to gain new experiences. You never know when the job of a lifetime may come calling.

Work with care- Just as you take precautions with your life (wearing your seat belt, driving the speed limit, etc.) you should do the same with your work. Double-check your writing, ask for help, be professional, ethical, and on your game.

Know your limits- Boundaries is not the problem, it’s not knowing where they are that gets us in trouble. Do what you can, when you can, but learn to say “no.”  It’ll be a lifesaver in the end.

I know I said 5 lessons but here is one more:

Enjoy your life– Make the most of the time you have, but do not work yourself to death.




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