Gift ideas for graduating Public Relations students

Pomp and circumstance is in the air. In honor of upcoming college graduations, I thought I would put together a few gift ideas graduating public relations students may be interested in requesting.

  • Money: Who can go wrong with money? Monetary gifts will allow you to go on planned, or unplanned, graduation trips, pay off any bills, etc. Although opting to put your money away for a rainy day isn’t a bad idea either.
  • Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) membership: Graduating student members of PRSSA can join their parent chapter, PRSA, for $60. If you were not a member of PRSSA, you can still join PRSA at a reduced rate of $115. Ask for the gift of networking.
  • Portfolio: Although several online sites exist for you to display digital copies of your work, a hard bound portfolio is nice as well. I always advise students to take hard copies of their portfolio pieces to job interviews in case their interviewer has not had the opportunity to check out their social media resume.
  • Associated Press (AP) electronic subscription: You MUST know AP style if you wish to continue in the field of public relations. Of course I encourage you to keep your AP style book, but why not ask for electronic access as well. Plus, it is only $25.
  • Flip Cam: Despite the fact that Flip Cams are being discontinued, they are still an ideal tool for personal use. It is a great way to capture graduation memories.
  • Gift cards: Consider gift cards for university related merchandise, business clothing, office supply stores (eg. Office Max, Staples, etc.), undergarments, etc.
  • University merchandise
  • Briefcase: Thankfully the styles have changed, as people are still using them. A work briefcase will come in handy to transport material to and from work.

What additional items do you think public relations students should request as a graduation gift?




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5 responses to “Gift ideas for graduating Public Relations students

  1. I think that personalized business cards would also be a great gift for a graduating public relations student. From that point on they will be building themselves as a brand, so why not include some quick identification cards to give out to anyone interested.

  2. These are some great gift ideas! I love the AP electronic subscription. I believe anyone who is planning on perusing PR in the future. I also believe money is the number one thing to give for a college graduate. Everybody could use a little help once graduating college. The college graduate could use this opportunity to pay off loans or to put the money towards a new place to live. I would love to receive any of these gifts once I graduate from Georgia Southern. I think this Post should be sent to parents via email or mail. 😉

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  4. I think these are great gift ideas for graduating PR students. Personally, my favorites are money and a PRSA membership. Because I am currently in PRSSA, I would be able to receive a discounted rate for joining PRSA right out of college. A PRSA membership would benefit me because it would make networking with other PR professionals easier, help me find employment and it would increase my knowledge of PR in general. Money is always a great gift, of course. It can be used to help get students on their feet when needing to relocate to new cities for job opportunities. It can also help graduates purchase new clothing for interviews or to get business cards made. Business cards would be another great gift as well. I would actually love to have someone else buy me business cards, as long as I got to pick out the design for them!

  5. Some other gifts public relations students should ask for are good, writing pens with their name inscribed on them, information cards with their name and contact information,thank you notes for people and professors who have helped them along the way and also to give to business who they interviewed or interned with and a MAC laptop, especially if you have an emphasis in design.