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Gift ideas for graduating Public Relations students

Pomp and circumstance is in the air. In honor of upcoming college graduations, I thought I would put together a few gift ideas graduating public relations students may be interested in requesting.

  • Money: Who can go wrong with money? Monetary gifts will allow you to go on planned, or unplanned, graduation trips, pay off any bills, etc. Although opting to put your money away for a rainy day isn’t a bad idea either.
  • Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) membership: Graduating student members of PRSSA can join their parent chapter, PRSA, for $60. If you were not a member of PRSSA, you can still join PRSA at a reduced rate of $115. Ask for the gift of networking.
  • Portfolio: Although several online sites exist for you to display digital copies of your work, a hard bound portfolio is nice as well. I always advise students to take hard copies of their portfolio pieces to job interviews in case their interviewer has not had the opportunity to check out their social media resume.
  • Associated Press (AP) electronic subscription: You MUST know AP style if you wish to continue in the field of public relations. Of course I encourage you to keep your AP style book, but why not ask for electronic access as well. Plus, it is only $25.
  • Flip Cam: Despite the fact that Flip Cams are being discontinued, they are still an ideal tool for personal use. It is a great way to capture graduation memories.
  • Gift cards: Consider gift cards for university related merchandise, business clothing, office supply stores (eg. Office Max, Staples, etc.), undergarments, etc.
  • University merchandise
  • Briefcase: Thankfully the styles have changed, as people are still using them. A work briefcase will come in handy to transport material to and from work.

What additional items do you think public relations students should request as a graduation gift?




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Help answer student questions about public relations

Each time I teach the practicum course I always ask students to write down things they wish to discuss that are not listed on the syllabus. This year I’ve taken it a step further. I had the students devise 3-5 questions they would ask someone within a chosen public relations field.  Below are links to pages with 30-40 second video clips of the students asking their questions. The hope is that many of you will answer their questions here on the blog by clicking the link below that is your area of expertise or by visiting my YouTube channel and commenting there. Regardless, please participate. Thanks in advance!

Click on a link below to see videos and answer questions.

Sports PR

Event PR


Non-profit PR

Planning Corporate Conventions

Following up after Interviews

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Following up after interviews

Questions asked in the video are below.

Question 1: How long should you wait to follow up after an interview?

Question 2: What is the best communication medium to use to follow-up? (i.e. e-mail, telephone, etc.)

Question 3: Who should you get in touch with? (After the interview)

Question 4: If ther interviewer says the will contact  you and it has been two weeks, do you take the initative to contact them or do you continue to wait?

Question 5: If you decide to contact the employer what do you say?

Question 6: Is there anything that you could say that would make you sound cliche’ or too pushy?

Thanks for your input!!

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Non-profit PR

Questions asked in this video are below.

Question 1: What are the major differences in working in public relations for a non-profit versus a for-profit organization?

Question 2: Does starting a career in non-profit public relations provide certain benefits for future job opportunities?

Question 3: How does a non-profit pubilc relations pracitioner put oneself in a position to make a reasonable amount of money?

Thanks for you input!!

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Planning Corporate Conventions

Questions asked in the video are listed below.

Question 1: What do other businesses look for when they attend corporate conventions?

Question 2: What information should be included when organizing corporate conventions?

Question 3: How much should small businesses plan on spending when planning a corporate convention?

Question 4: What aspects of a corporate convention should always be included?

Question 5: What research shoud be conducted before planning begins?

Thanks for your input!

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Event PR

Questions asked on the video are listed below.

Question 1: How many events do you typically plan in a year?

Question 2: For a typical event, how far in advance do you start planning?

Question 3: For a typical event, what’s the average budget you should ask for?

Question 4: What do you draw inspiration from when planning for an event?

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Entertainment Publicity

Questions asked in this video are listed below.

Question 1: What credentials do I need to go into the enterntainment publicity industry?

Question 2: What are the best locations/regions to pursue a job in entertainment publicity?

Question 3: What is a typical work day like in entertainment publicity?

Question 4: What is an average entry level salary for someone working in entertainment publicity?

Question 5: What is your most memorable experience working in entertainment publicity?

Thanks in advance for your input!!

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