Review of Professional Dress Day

Today was Professional Dress day in my practicum course.  Needless to say the students were thrilled to dress in their interview best and be critqued in the front of the room. The assignment, which originated with Todd Goen, visiting Assistant Professor at Clemson University, calls for students to stand for 30-45 seconds and then sit for an additional 30-45 seconds as each of their classmates offer written constructive criticism. Below is a recap of some of the positive and needs improvement issues.


  • Hair out of face
  • Appropriate use of color with chosen wardrobes
  • Did not see any backs, boobs, or butts. YEAH!
  • Trendy, yet professional
  • Suit jackets

Constructive Criticism:

  • Nail polish colors (Think subtle and/or neutral)
  • Ponytail holders on wrist
  • The word for the day is stockings. (Sheer stockings are your friend.)
  • Heel heights were high. (Say that three times fast.)
  • Splits in your skirt should not reveal the back, side, or front of your thigh. Pin it down or pick another skirt.
  • Overuse of bold pieces of jewelry.

One of the reasons behind this assignment is to make students aware of the things they take for granted. Despite the groans and moans during the assignment, it was a good experience. I hope they see that after reading their classmates critiques. What would be your dress suggestions for students going on job interviews? How much is too much, and what should they stray from?

Our practicum course is designed to prepare students for life after graduation–work force or graduate school.


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3 responses to “Review of Professional Dress Day

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  2. I always suggest staying away from strong perfumes or colognes. They may smell good to you, but not to your future employer, and that can be an instant turn off. I hadn’t thought about high heels being a bad thing. I always thought that if you are comfortable wearing them all day long, then they are okay.

    • uandrews

      I agree about using light smelling perfumes or colognes, or just omitting them altogether. As for the high heels, if you are comfortable in them all day, that’s good, but you need to make sure you know what your day will consist of (eg. lot of walking vs. little walking, etc.). And, as someone who loves heels, you want to make sure the heels don’t detract from keeping the attention on you.