Are libraries necessary for research?

While discussing primary and secondary research with my Public Relations Research class, I proposed the following discussion question from our textbook author: “Are libraries necessary for research?”. Most of the student answers touched on using the library to meet with their group members, as oppose to conducting research. I listed a few student answers below for you to ponder. But I’d like to know, do you feel libraries are necessary for research? Take the poll.

Enjoy a few student answers:

  • I don’t think going to the library for research is necessary anymore because the Internet has everything on it.
  • I feel that in order to do research effectively you have to go to the library.
  • It’s not necessary, but I think I’m more productive when working there.
  • Yes. A lot of useful material can be found at the library.
  • I believe it is not necessary, but many times it is easiest to meet there because everyone knows where it is.
  • It depends on the situation, but I think with the Internet the library isn’t always necessary.
  • NO! You can do online research and other things besides going to the library. No one reads books anymore, duh!


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