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Are libraries necessary for research?

While discussing primary and secondary research with my Public Relations Research class, I proposed the following discussion question from our textbook author: “Are libraries necessary for research?”. Most of the student answers touched on using the library to meet with their group members, as oppose to conducting research. I listed a few student answers below for you to ponder. But I’d like to know, do you feel libraries are necessary for research? Take the poll.

Enjoy a few student answers:

  • I don’t think going to the library for research is necessary anymore because the Internet has everything on it.
  • I feel that in order to do research effectively you have to go to the library.
  • It’s not necessary, but I think I’m more productive when working there.
  • Yes. A lot of useful material can be found at the library.
  • I believe it is not necessary, but many times it is easiest to meet there because everyone knows where it is.
  • It depends on the situation, but I think with the Internet the library isn’t always necessary.
  • NO! You can do online research and other things besides going to the library. No one reads books anymore, duh!



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Job Websites for Students

This afternoon I received an e-mail with the subject line: “Site suggestion:”. This intrigued me as I has just returned from teaching the PR Practicum course and what did we discuss today, job hunting and networking. The e-mail referenced a page on a website I created and maintained for classes prior to Georgia Southern University implementing a blackboard system. The referenced webpage was a list of helpful websites I put together for students as they embarked on their journey for full-time employment. Although I don’t maintain the site anymore, I do still provide students with the list of helpful job sites that I update each semester. So why not share that information with you as well!

(Note: This list was compiled as a starting points for students and is NOT inclusive, nor a guarantee of job obtainment.)


Public Relations

PR News Online

Public Relations Society of America

Public Relations Jobs Sources and Search Firms

Get Public Relations Jobs


Georgia (U.S.A.)

Georgia Hire

Georgia Department of Labor

Job Boards


Monster College


The Wall Street Journal–Careers

Opportunity Knocks

Another good resource is the blog post “9 Job Sites to Bookmark for Your Career Search” on Mashable.

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