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Toolkit Box of Survival Skills for New Graduates

Last week Kami Huyse, president and chief operating officer of Zoetica, shared with public relations students in the PR Firms course information regarding agency life. Her talk provided students with an overview of the three types of agencies–soloist, specialist, and full service–things students should look for in a potential employer–mentorship and the agencies reputation–and some survival skills for graduates.  Of the various areas touched upon, not to mention the question and answer portion, it was the survival skills, or what employers look for in recent graduates, that attracted much offline discussion from students. Below is a recap of that information.

Kami Huyse

Toolkit box of survival skills for new graduates

  • Writing: Blogs will help to enrich this skill
  • Conversational outreach: The ability to build relationships and talk to people without pitching or selling. (Of course persuasion is necessary, but you must be able to establish a long-term working relationship with the person)
  • Monitoring tools: You will be expected to be able to use and understand how monitoring tools work. A few to know, at minimum, include Google alerts, Twitter search, etc.
  • Video and Audio Skills
  • Understanding of Social Media

Prior to opening the floor for question and answer Kami offered this piece of advice that was shared via Twitter: Understand you will be back at the bottom again (in essence, be teachable), but don’t be afraid to share your ideas.

Any additional tools (skills) you would add to Kami’s list?

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