10 Phrases that Annoy Professors

At the beginning of this calendar year, and subsequently the spring semester, I promised a follow-up to the post “10 Questions that Annoy Professors.” I had no idea that post would resonate with so many people. Nice to know I’m not alone. So, in keeping with my promise, here is my top ten list of phrases that annoy professors. Many thanks to those who contributed directly and indirectly to this post.

10. I couldn’t find a parking space (or the bus was running late), so I was unable to make it to class.

9. I didn’t know that assignment was due today. (sometimes phrased as a question)

8. I know you don’t accept late work, but…..

7. I didn’t have time to print my assignment.

6. I wasn’t that late.

5. I don’t have many points for participation. (silence, and then…) What do I do to make that up?

4. I didn’t know there was an assignment sheet for this.

3. I’m sure you’ve already addressed this, but…

2. The same relative has died for the third time in two weeks.

1. Other professors let us.

Of course the order is my own, but I’d like to hear what you would change? Anything you would add? If you’ve asked these questions, why?

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8 responses to “10 Phrases that Annoy Professors

  1. I’ve actually used them all, which saddens me. I don’t really know why but they tend to work. Possible its do to my boyish good looks, or the serenity in my eyes. Professor and Instructors should incorporate the DOs and DON’Ts into their syllabi to limit the above reason. I’ll add to the list for the sake of entertainment.

    Have I missed anything important in class
    It’s too much work

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  3. In REAL LIFE, I had a Survey of Accounting book that I purchased Used off Amazon and an entire chapter was missing o_O…

  4. Michelle

    That was on the syllabus? (often phrased as a question) Of course they ask this after they have taken a quiz over said syllabus.
    I missed class the other day, did I miss anything important?

    I’m sure there are hundreds more, I just can’t think of them right now. 😉

  5. So you’re @annoyedPRprof?

  6. Hey Professor Andrews,

    Here are some more that you should include!

    – What is the lastest you will accept the assignment?

    -Family troubles (of any kind)

    -I left my assignment in the printer, will you accept it via email?


    -The reading assignment pages are NOT in my book (for one reason or another)

    I think I am guilty of some of yours as well but I will do better in grad school 🙂

    Hope All is well!

    -chelsea bailey

    • uandrews

      What!!! I think I would lose any and all respect for someone who has enough nerve to say with a straight face, “The reading assignment pages are NOT in my book.” Are you kidding me. I hope you won’t hear any of these in grad school.