Can you pass this writing test?

Below are excerpts of a writing test, complied from various sources, I distributed to students enrolled in the Public Relations Firms course this semester. The exam consists of spelling and word usage, along with editing skills. The students were given 20 minutes to complete the test, yet a substantial amount had finished prior to the 10 minute warning and all were done within 15 minutes. (Initially, I was going to provide 10 minutes for the test, but with it being the first day of classes I decided to give them a little extra time šŸ™‚ )

How do your skills match-up? (A link to the full version is at the bottom of this post.)

Part A: Spelling and Word Usage.
Provide the correct spelling of each word. If the word is correctly spelled, simply rewrite it as shown.

comittee ___________
liaison _____________

Circle the correct word in parentheses in the senteneces below.

-Corporate executives are concerned about the (affect/effect) the product recall will have on future sales.
-Cory said he was not (averse/adverse) to working in New York City.
-The client said she would go no (further/farther) with the discussion until she had more information.


Part B: Editing
Edit the following news release for distribution to the national business and financial media. You are instructed to correct grammatical and Associated Press errors, simplifying phrasing, and reduce wordiness to improve readability.


The Board of Directors of Connors-Walsh, Incorporated, one of the world’s premiere financial planning companies, voted to elect a new president and cheif operating officer today.
Frances A. Kennedy was chosen to replace Allan Edwards, who has announced his retirement and will leave his current post after having served as president for a total of twenty years. Kennedy will assume her many responsibilities as president in a few weeks, on March 1.

Your Thoughts?
Several firms, and someĀ corporations, have writing test they ask potential employees to complete. If you have taken a writing test as a job prospect, what was included on your test? If you have distributed writing testĀ to potential job candidates, what additional sections would you include on this writing test? View the complete writing test.



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