Using TV ads to discuss fallacies in public speaking

Every teacher of public speaking discusses fallacies or errors in reason to inform students of what not to do in their speeches. Common fallacies include bandwagon, red herring, false analogy, slippery slope, fallacy of false cause, either-or, etc. As a way to show the commonality of fallacies, I embedded various advertisement clips into this post. Can you spot the fallacy in each of the below videos?

[Note: This is an educational exercise, not a statement of support for or against the message aired in each of the below clips.]

What are some additional commercials you would include?



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3 responses to “Using TV ads to discuss fallacies in public speaking

  1. should definately post the fallacie

  2. annie

    You should post the fallacies. 😦

  3. himanshu

    i’m not able to identify any of the above fallacies can any one plzz tell me the name of the fallacies in the above ads.