Looking for additional speech topic ideas

Due to the length of class time allotted during short term, I decided to include weekly speeches this go around in the public speaking course. These speeches are designed to be straight forward, quick, and hopefully fun. This will serve several purposes based on current course content and overall understanding of concepts. For example, the first weekly speech students delivered was around the theme “If my life was a movie, my theme song would be….” It’s short, entertaining, and designed to get them comfortable being in front of the class for a designated time frame. A minute to a minute and a half was designated to this theme.

Below I’ve included a few additional weekly speech topics the course will use over the next five weeks, but I’m looking for some more. Who doesn’t like variety? So if you have some interesting speech topic ideas, please comment. I’d love to add them to my current repertoire. Topics should be short and sweet and that can be discussed within 1-3 minutes. Here are some additional topics I’m considering:

  • Describe yourself in six words.
  • What’s your pet peeve?
  • A notable quote.
  • Attending college in the summer is like….
  • My dream vacation would be….
  • One thing you don’t like, but must accept.

What additional topics would you add to this list?

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