Preparing to attend the Career Event

Over the years communication students at Georgia Southern have voice concern about having a career event geared towards them, so this is for you. The career event this year will be held in the foyer of the Center for Art and Theatre located behind Veazey Hall.  The event is from 12-3 p.m. and is designed for you to attend between classes. Here are some things you should keep in mind regarding the career event.

  1. Prepare. You should be ready with questions to ask professionals in the field you are studying to enter. This is your chance to spend quality time with someone who is doing a job you hope to obtain. Take advantage.
  2. Network. Take their business card and if give them one of your business cards. If you don’t have a business card, it’s okay. Don’t just acquire business cards write down something about that person on the back of the card to remember them (e.g. wears glasses, has a pet, interesting tie, etc)
  3. It’s a Career event, NOT career fair. This particular event is designed for networking and learning experiences, NOT employement. If a job becomes available then the hope is that they will remember you, especially if you provided them with a business card, but that is not the primary reason for this event.
  4. Dress appropriately. Everyone understands you are taking classes, but, at minimum, leave the revealing clothing for the day after the event. You want to be remembered for your brain, not your assests.
  5. Use time wisely. Make a commitment, especially if you are coming in between classes to spend at least 5-10 minutes with each professional in your field. This event only takes place in the spring and it is not always the same professionals, so try to visit them all.

Below is a list of professionals that will be visiting this spring. Some of them will be participating in resume critiques as well, so don’t forget your resume. Your future is calling.

– Kara Hooper- Abshire PR
– David Thompson – Georgia Southern University
– Marla Bruner- Georgia Southern University
– Gale Baldwin- Georgia Southern University
– Christine Edwards- WTOC TV Savannah
– Ashlee Pigler- Clear Channel Radio
– Amy Powell- WKHX-FM, WYAY-FM Atlanta
– Dennis Jones- Radio Jones Atlanta
This year the career event is being run by a group of studetns in the Public Relations Event Management course.

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