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Case studies continued

Below is the video that was used in our discussion on case studies. The video is a recap of the explosion at the Dixie Crystal Sugar Refinery that took place at their plant in Savannah, Georgia in February 2007.

Consider the following questions as you watch the 9 minute clip.

  • What sources were used to put this clip together?
  • Where could one gather additional sources–now that the investigation is complete–for this case study?
  • What details have you learned from this clip that were previously unknown to you?
  • What additional details are not in the clip that you would like to know?
  • What’s your overall perception of how the issue was handled? Consider our conversation in class.

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Research is S.E.X.

Each semester our Center for Excellence in Teaching (C.E.T.) offers courses geared around questions or issues that often arise in the classroom and creative ways to combat them. The last one I attended briefly touched on developing a slogan for your course, such as Math is FUNdamental. This idea lingered with me as I’ve never considered a slogan for a college course. At least not beyond the “get to know the campus courses” that are required of freshman on most college campuses. So, long story short, I came up with this slogan for my Research class:

Research is S.E.X.

Students Example of Xenophobia

My goal this semester is to tie as many lectures as possible to various aspects of relationships that we all go through. I have no intentions of crossing or coming close to the line with this. My goal is to simply make the material more interesting by connecting with something students have faced, do face, or will face.

I think the students were a bit apprehensive when I introduced this slogan, yet, they were highly interactive when it came to offering  suggestions for our topic of discussion. For example, when discussing the three phases of the research process (pre-research, research, post-research) I related each process phase with a stage in a relationship, such as courtship, marriage, and kids.

Is it risky? Uh… yeah, but I hope that students will remember the material well beyond the class. I guess course evaluations and grades will tell.

Your thoughts? Too risky?

If you are currently in my research class, what do you think thus far?


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Scholar Ladies

I saw the below video while watching CNN one Saturday morning and felt the need to share. Especially since they are singing about learning.

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10 Questions that Annoy Professors

With the new year just underway and a new semester approaching, I thought it would be ideal to provide some “pet peeves” to students regarding their questions. Although one of our primary job as professors is to answer questions to the best of our ability, there are some questions that make us clinch our teeth for dear life. I asked professors near and far to send me their “pet peeves” when it comes to student questions, such as “Are we having class on Friday?” So in David Letterman style, here is a list of the top 10 questions professors don’t like to hear.

Top 10 questions professors don’t like to hear.

10. Will we have class the Friday before break?

9. How many points is this assignment worth?

8. Will we be getting out of class early today?

7. I have an F. Can I complete some extra credit?

6. I know this is last minute, but….

5. Could you tell me how many absences I have in this class?

4. Will you/do you drop the lowest quiz (or any other assignment) grade?

3. I was absent. Did I miss anything?

2. Am I passing this class?

1. Will this or how much of this will be on the test?

Although I could make some sarcastic remarks for each of these, I think the point is clear-respect the time and effort we put into creating handouts, syllabi, etc. that answer these questions by reading the forms. Of course there are some phrases I could add in as well, but that will have to be another post. Many thanks to those who submitted their “pet peeves.”

Of course the ordering is my own, but what would you change? Any others you would add? If you’ve asked any of these questions, why?


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