PR Students, Keep that book!

As many universities are approaching the end of the semester, they all have one thing in common–students looking to get some money during buy back week. Approximately two weeks ago I asked the question to professionals and professors “Which PR course textbooks should students keep?” I was pleasantly surprised and shocked by some of the responses.

In regards to PR courses, keep whichever textbook you have for the following:

  • Law & Ethics
  • Research
  • Writing and/or Media course
  • Campaigns
  • A course of specific interest to your desired field

In regards to specific PR textbooks, responses included:

Additional comments varied from don’t keep any of your PR books due to the evolving nature of the profession, to subscribing to various RSS feeds. Check out the comments for yourself. Thanks to all who responded.

Any additional books or courses you would add? All suggestions welcomed.


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2 responses to “PR Students, Keep that book!

  1. Lorena

    While I did have my old edition of Effective Public Relations from my undergraduate coursework for a long time (I’ve since loaned it to a student interested in majoring in PR), I did receive a newer edition recently. I’d also echo the AP Stylebook — I still use my student copy all these years later. I’d also suggest any textbooks from journalism-centric writing courses — those *will* come in handy once you hit the workforce!

    • uandrews

      That’s a good suggestion. I’m always reminding students that they have to take the introduction to journalism course to better understand how to write for them. I’ll make sure to advocate they keep the journalism book as well.