10 Commandments for Listening

When I discussed the chapter on Listening earlier this semester with my Public Speaking students, I decided to do something different- let them develop the code of conduct for listening during speeches, along with appropriate consequences. The students devised the “10 Commandments for Listening” in the PowerPoint below. Of course there are consequences for breaking the commandments and I allowed the students to develop those as well. One student wanted “eternal damnation” as the consequence for breaking a commandment, but the group decided on the following instead:

  • 1st offense: You are first to speak during the next set of speeches
  • 2nd offense: In addition to the first consequence, you recieve 2-3 points off your speech

What are your thoughts on the groups “10 Commandments for Listening.” Anything you would add?

And yes, they have stuck to these all semester. There haven’t been any complaints from violaters either.



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2 responses to “10 Commandments for Listening

  1. Mrs. Groover

    Those are great! It puts the responsibility squarely onto the students, plus since they made the rules, they also know the consequences.
    I may try that with my public speaking course in the spring.

    • Andrews

      Students can also report violations of rules I don’t see (since I’m in the back of the room grading) on the bottom of their speaker evaluation sheets. If you do try this in the spring let me know how it goes. I intend to do it again as well.