Making it to Thanksgiving Break

As you all know Thanksgiving Break is around the corner (Woo hoo!!). Yet, the problem with knowing the end is in sight is when become lazy and desire to quit working before we should. So before you get too caught up in your holiday plans, here are a few tips to get you through the remaining two weeks.

  1. Schedule daily breaks. Our body and brain need rest. You are physically at your best when you feel refreshed and not overwhelmed. Besides, you bring fresh eyes to the table when you come back to a task. Your break may consist of a walk around the park, a trip to the gym, or a short drive to get something to eat. Don’t work and eat as that defeats the purpose.  

    Thanksgiving table

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  2. Map out your next two weeks in detail. Make yourself a spreadsheet, on paper or electronically, that highlights the remaining days and times you intend to complete various tasks. Be as detailed as possible, inserting times you will work to complete tasks if necessary. If you have a visual reminder of everything that needs to be completed it should (key word should) help you stay focused as task completion will put you one step closer to Thanksgiving Break.
  3. Break-up long tasks. Do you really have 5 hours to put aside on one day to one task? Yes, some people are great at this, but the average person, looking at their schedule, wouldn’t have the time. Instead of attempting to do 5 hour chuncks at a time, choose to focus 1-2 hours on a specific task instead. If you do this throughout the the day you’ll eventually complete 5 hours on that task.
  4. Gradually plan your break. The problem with breaks is that we become so consumed in planning them, because it is fun, we fail to recognize the amount of time we are devoting to the upcoming break that should be directed elsewhere. Should you plan your holidays, of course, but really, do you need one day to plan out whose house you’ll be visiting this break? Remember, the holidays are UPON US, they aren’t here yet.
  5. Treat yourself. Whenever you complete a task reward yourself. This could be something as simple as going to your favorite coffee shop or picking up that pair of earrings you been debating over. Your reward doesn’t have to be elaborate, just significant to you.

What are some things you do to stay sane and focused before upcoming holiday breaks?

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