Think before you drop that course

With drop/add without academic penalty around the corner, the question becomes “Should I drop this course?” Before you answer yes or no, let’s consider a few things.

  1. What’s your TRUE grade? It’s one thing to estimate your grade based on returned assignments, but an estimate is not a true account. Write down all the grades you have, along with how much each assignment was worth and determine your true grade.
  2. Attendance Policy. Where do  you stand with the class attendance policy? Does your professor deduct points after missing a certain amount of classes? Is attendance counted towards your overall grade? Also consider if there is a departmental attendance policy.
  3. Withdraw Policy. Some universities, such as Georgia Southern, dictate a maximum number of withdrawals throughout your college career. Make sure that you carefully consider the withdraw policy prior to making your decision.
  4. Course offerings. Is this a course that is offered multiple times throughout the academic year? Is a it a prerequisite for the next course in your program? Will withdrawing from this course hinder your personal graduation plan?
  5. Be proactive. No one knows better about what you need to do to successfully pass a course than the individual teaching the course. Don’t wait till the day before withdrawal to talk with your professor about your success in the course.

Withdrawing from a college course is not an issue that should be taken lightly.

I would like to hear from you. What are some additional things one should consider prior to withdrawing from a course?

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  1. Alex Grovenstein

    Don’t even put yourself in a position to have to drop a class. Think your courses through and register accordingly. Being proactive is the best way to avoid the issue all together. The only reasons that I can think of are if your mom dies, or if you die 😉 Just my .02