L.E.A.P. Mocktail Kickoff

Last night many public relations students attended a mocktail party to kickoff L.E.A.P., a certification program sponsored by the Georgia Southern University Public Relations Advisory Board.

As stated in the websites own words,

Focusing on four key components, the acronym L.E.A.P. stands for Leadership, Experience in Communication, Academics, and Professionalism. Students can achieve certification through earning points in each of these four areas.Mocktail party

During this event students received the opportunity to mingle with fellow classmates, advisory board members and local practitioners.

Upon completion of certification points, students will receive a certificate and letter from the board recognizing their achievements in public relations beyond the classroom experience. In essence, L.E.A.P. is a student version of APR, Accredited in Public Relations, that one can acquire through PRSA.

I’m looking forward to watching students tackle this new certification program with great success.


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