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Take the L.E.A.P.

So you’ve signed up for the L.E.A.P. certification, now what? Now you need to confirm your interest in the certification by accepting our invitation to join the Ning site created specifically for L.E.A.P. members. This site can only be viewed by the Public Relations Advisory Board members and your fellow L.E.A.P.sters. Once you’ve been approved as a member of the site, begin blogging about your experiences and tracking your points.

Below is an example from the L.E.A.P. website:

On September 17, 2009, I attended the Mocktail Reception to kickoff the new L.E.A.P. Certification Program at GSU.  At the event, I had the opportunity to network with PR professionals and celebrate the beginning of this new program.  (Leadership “Networking” 1 point)

As you will note in the example, you should indicate the area in which the points can be counted and the point equivalency of that activity. There are several FAQ’s listed on the site to answer your questions regarding points necessary for certification, site usage, portfolio review/interview schedule, etc. Don’t forget the public relations faculty is available to answer questions as well.

So get in there and take the L.E.A.P. You have several experiences to share with the Public Relations Advisory Board and we are eager to read about them.


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The mystery of course numbers

Have you ever stopped to consider the purpose of course numbers? Yes we must have them to identify classes and to make sure the appropriate degree credits are received, but what do the numbers mean?

It’s obvious there is a sequential pattern with the first number, but what about the following numbers? Are they just there?

During a meeting to review course changes in one of our major programs the conversation quickly turned to whether  a proposed course number could be used for a new course. The short answer: no. Course numbers are structured to reflect the level of the course, course type, credit hours, and sequence.

When looking at course numbers keep the following in mind:

  • The first number is the classification level of the course according to the  university standards.
  • The second number denotes the type of course, such as a lecture, seminar, internship, etc.
  • The third number indicates the number of credit hours one can receive for the course. (Keep in mind that 1:1 and 3:3 are used interchangeably when devising course numbers, so it is likely to receive 3 credit hours although this number maybe listed as a 1.)
  • The fourth number provides where the course falls within your degree sequence.

For example, if you are taking PRCA 2330 or Intro to Public Relations, the course numbers let you know that this course is classified by the university as a sophomore level course, it’s lectured based, worth three credit hours, and is the first course in the major area for your degree.

So the next time you consider a course review the numbers. Don’t think the course will be easy or difficult based on the title.

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L.E.A.P. Mocktail Kickoff

Last night many public relations students attended a mocktail party to kickoff L.E.A.P., a certification program sponsored by the Georgia Southern University Public Relations Advisory Board.

As stated in the websites own words,

Focusing on four key components, the acronym L.E.A.P. stands for Leadership, Experience in Communication, Academics, and Professionalism. Students can achieve certification through earning points in each of these four areas.Mocktail party

During this event students received the opportunity to mingle with fellow classmates, advisory board members and local practitioners.

Upon completion of certification points, students will receive a certificate and letter from the board recognizing their achievements in public relations beyond the classroom experience. In essence, L.E.A.P. is a student version of APR, Accredited in Public Relations, that one can acquire through PRSA.

I’m looking forward to watching students tackle this new certification program with great success.

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